Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight on… Laura Halliday, Halliday Property

In this edition of our Client Spotlight series, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Laura Halliday, Director and Founder of Halliday Property. Understanding that selling or buying a property can be an emotional and stressful time, Laura is passionate about going the extra mile for her clients. As an avid user of our Pathway to Settlement app to give her clients complete visibility over their settlement process, Laura is leading the way, providing modern, digital conveyancing services to her clients. We chatted to Laura recently about business ownership, client relations and technology…

What inspired you to start your own conveyancing business?

Ever since I started in the industry back in 2006, it was always a dream of mine to start my own conveyancing firm. We’re very lucky in our industry to have flexibility with our jobs because of PEXA. When I fell pregnant with my first daughter Ava in 2018, I felt like the timing was perfect to go out on my own because I could be a mum and have my dream job at the same time – what could be more amazing than that?

How do you maintain strong relationships with your clients and foster trust and transparency throughout the conveyancing process?

Communication! Something so simple can have such a big impact on your business and your relationships with not only your clients but real estate agents, mortgage brokers and any person who is involved in the settlement.

What role does technology play in your business, and how does it enhance your service offerings?

Technology is a great tool to have in your toolbox. There are many ways you can utilise technology, from something as simple as an SMS service to an app. For my business, I am very much pro-technology as a quick and easy way for everyone to keep the client and real estate agent updated on the progress of settlement. To do this, I utilise the amazing Pathway to Settlement app that is integrated with Realtime Conveyancer.

We’re privileged to support Laura on her journey, as she empowers her buyers and sellers with industry-leading technology, delivering on their desires for safe, transparent and simple property settlements.

To find out more about Laura and Halliday Property, visit their website.


Proptech TV Perth with Realtime Conveyancer

At the AICWA Conference back in July, our marketing & communications officer, Katelyn sat down with Ash from the WA Proptech Hub to talk about all things innovation, proptech in WA and, of course, Realtime Conveyancer.

In this episode of Proptech TV, we talk about the catch-22 facing business owners who are actively seeking ways to make their business more efficient but feel like they’re too busy to implement those changes. Users who’ve made the switch to Realtime have told us that once they committed to making the change, they now have all this time back in their day. They’re free to do other things in their business, like networking or spending more time with their family.

We also dived into the (in our opinion, very likely) prospect of WA becoming the Proptech Capital of Australia and the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are invested in growing together.

Watch the full episode now and read the transcript below.

Sarah: So we’re still here at the AICWA Future Focus conference and I’ve found Katelyn from Realtime Conveyancer.  How are you Katelyn?

Katelyn: I’m good thanks, Sarah. How are you?

Sarah: How you feeling the vibe today?

Katelyn: It’s fantastic, everyone is just so excited to be here. I’ve been to I think 5 or 6 conferences now and the vibe is next level this year.

Sarah: It is, I had to just literally drag you away from the table.  So Realtime Conveyancer being around now this is what their second conference?

Katelyn: Third conference.

Sarah: That’s exciting. It’s a game changer for WA.

Katelyn: It really is. I was thinking back to our first conference and you know we hadn’t really gone live. We’d done some beta testing but now we’re well and truly in the market. The feedback that we’re getting is phenomenal and the number of people that have come up today to chat to us and say like I need to do this. Now’s the time.

Sarah: Exciting and now big interviews with the Prop Tech Hub.

Katelyn: Absolutely, I’ve made it!

Sarah: You feeling okay big TV star?

Katelyn: Feeling all good!

Sarah: Your makeup’s done, you’re looking amazing.

Katelyn: Well no I’ll just say you didn’t give me any prior warning about this.

Sarah: You look absolutely beautiful. All right well let’s not hold you back let’s go see Ash.  Thanks for joining us and look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say. Thanks Katelyn.

Ash: Back again, here with Katelyn from Realtime Conveyancer. Thank you for being on the show.

Katelyn: No worries.

Ash: So, we’re at the conference – Future Focus. What does future focus mean to you?

Katelyn: Well, we are all about taking traditionally quite a paper-based process of conveyancing and digitalising it and more than that actually taking it into the future. Future-proofing conveyancing businesses so making sure that they’ve got the tools and they’re empowered to actually run their business in a modern way.

Ash: Very relevant obviously to a conveyancing association right?

Katelyn: Yes, absolutely.

Ash: Because you’re streamlining that whole process. So, what are some of the challenges facing conveyancers right now?

Katelyn: I think a lot of it is the unknown. It’s quite daunting to be faced with the prospect of turning what you do day to day up on its head and completely changing the way that you run your business.  It is a hard thing to do in baby steps, I guess. What we’re what we’re getting the best feedback is the firms that do just jump in head first but it takes a lot to get to that point. To be confident to do that.

Ash: Yeah and you know Innovation I guess with the conveyancers are they adopting it you know easily and willingly or does it take you know a while to get them on board and understanding and seeing you know what the benefits are for them?

Katelyn: The benefits are very apparent to everyone that we speak to straight away. The market is so busy at the moment so what we’re finding is that it’s just having the time to actually sit down and make those changes that is the biggest challenge at the minute. But once they do make those changes they get all this time back in their day and it frees them up to do other things in their business to make it even more efficient.

Ash: So over the next 12 months you know what’s important to you guys and what are you going to be trying to achieve?

Katelyn: We really just want to empower as many businesses as we can to work in modern ways.  So give them the tools help them to succeed and grow their businesses.

Ash: So a conveyancer out there that’s watching this or someone in that space how do they actually contact Realtime and begin the process?

Katelyn: Yeah so you can just jump on our website so and you can book a demo in and Alannah or one of our team will be able to come out and show you exactly what the platform can do for your business.

Ash: So you know Alannah or one of the team members comes out you know what does a business do? Do they set up an account and then how do they really you know get involved and actually get it to work for them?

Katelyn: So, once you’ve decided that this is what you want to do in your business you can apply to join Realtime. It’s just a form that you fill out on our website. We go through all of the setup with you. We’ll even, down to things like your email signatures – we’ll import those into the program for you. We’ll set up all your Integrations with PEXA and your ID services and things like that. And then you’re good to go! We’ll take you through some initial training but what we find is most people like to sit down and have a bit of a play and come back with some questions so we guide them over a series of you know four to six weeks.  Checking in continuously, to make sure that you know everything’s OK.

Ash: So over the past sort of few years it’s been a bit of a property boom lots and lots and lots of transactions and all indications are that it’s going to slow down a little bit. I guess that’s going to give conveyancers a bit of time to breathe and try these new things but how is that going to you know affect your business moving forward?

Katelyn: For us it will really give us an opportunity to cement some really cool new features. So at the moment there’s a lot of we’re spending a lot of time on innovating and um coming up with our road map, I guess for where we want to be in the next 5, 10, 15 years.  But yeah we’ll just get a bit more of an opportunity to sit down hold conveyancers hands just that little bit more while in the background we can continue to work on those features.

Ash: Because you’re operating in Western Australia and South Australia?

Katelyn: Yes.

Ash: Is there plans to go to other states in territories in Australia?

Katelyn: I don’t know.

Ash: And when will that kind of you know happen? Is there sort of like a roadmap of Australia domination, International domination? So it’s not on the white board in the office?

Katelyn: Well see I work remotely so it could well be on the whiteboard.

Ash: Oh lovely but South Australia has been the second market you’ve entered and how’s that going?

Katelyn: It’s going really, really well. So one of our beta testers settled their first property on Realtime this week.

Ash: Incredible.

Katelyn: So that was a very exciting milestone for us and the feedback that we got from them was phenomenal.

Ash: Oh that’s lovely. Bringing you back to today’s conference what are you hoping to achieve from being here?

Katelyn: For us, it’s really just getting in front of WA conveyancers, seeing people that we often we only connect with once a year at these events.  All of us are ex-conveyancers ourselves so you know we’ve worked side by side all of these people it’s really great just to catch up and see how everything’s going for them and if we can you know impart a little bit of um you know a few tips and tricks to make their lives a bit more efficient and give them some more time in their day then that’s a bonus.

Ash: Yeah sure so this year PropTech Hub WA declared that Perth will be the proptech capital of Australia within the next 365 days. Do you think that’s possible?

Katelyn: Absolutely!

Ash: And what would it mean to you guys to be you know in WA, operating from WA, you know with a hundred or hundreds of other innovators you know all in the same backyard and being able to learn from them?

Katelyn: I think um it’s really important to surround yourself with like minded people, We can only grow if we’re around people that want to build us up so to be around people like that constantly is only going to benefit all of us.

Ash: Agreed. Well thank you so much for being on the show, thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you next episode. Until then take care.


The benefits of moving to a paperless conveyancing office

Embracing a paperless environment in your conveyancing office isn’t merely about technological innovation. In this modern era of conveyancing, there is a lot of talk about paperless offices and the trend towards this. For some, it may allow more flexible work practices, including remote working and work-from-home arrangements. For others, it’s the appeal of the environmental benefits. Whatever your motivation, becoming a paperless conveyancing practice brings multiple benefits to you, your team and your clients helping you to work more efficiently and more securely, including:

1. Enhanced Accessibility

In a paperless office, documents and data are accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device with an internet connection. Using tools such as Realtime Conveyancer, you’ll have heightened accessibility. This means you can quickly retrieve critical information, respond to client enquiries more efficiently, and collaborate seamlessly with your team, even when working on the road or from home.

2. Increased Efficiency

Digital workflows and automation eliminate time-consuming manual tasks, allowing your team to focus on higher-value activities. With streamlined processes, you can choose to handle more matters simultaneously, reduce turnaround times, and deliver exceptional service that sets you apart in a competitive market.

3. Enhanced Security

Choosing the right proptech tools with robust security features protects your sensitive client information from physical threats like theft, fire, or natural disasters. Role-based access control ensures that only authorised personnel can view or edit documents, bolstering data protection.

4. Cost Savings

Transitioning to a paperless environment reduces expenses associated with printing, paper, storage space, and courier services. These cost savings can significantly impact your bottom line, increasing your business’s profitability.

5. Reduced Environmental Impact

By eliminating the need for paper, your office contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. Fewer paper resources consumed and reduced waste generation lessen your carbon footprint, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility.

6. Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Consumers today can access almost anything they need straight from their smart device, and they have come to expect the same from their homeownership journey. Clients appreciate the efficiency and convenience of a paperless process. They can access their documents and monitor the progress of their transactions online, with innovative tools such as Pathway to Settlement leading to higher client satisfaction and more referrals for your business.

7. Competitive Advantage

A paperless conveyancing office sets you apart as a modern, tech-savvy business prioritising efficiency, security, and client satisfaction. This competitive advantage can attract new clients and strengthen your position in the market.

8. Business Continuity

In the event of unforeseen disruptions or emergencies, digital document storage ensures business continuity. Suppose your office suddenly becomes inaccessible, for example, due to a fire or flood.  Having all of your documentation stored in the cloud digitally means your data remains safe and accessible, allowing your team to work remotely and maintain essential operations without interruption.

The journey toward a paperless conveyancing office is not merely a modern trend but a strategic move with profound benefits for your business. In an era where clients expect instant updates and streamlined services, where regulations demand heightened data protection, and where sustainability is a global priority, the decision to go paperless is not just prudent, it’s essential for the future-proofing of your business. Breaking free from the constraints of paper and adopting digital workflows allows you to optimise your operations and align with the evolving demands of the conveyancing landscape.

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight on… Kelly Young, Estate Conveyancing

In our latest Client Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce Kelly Young and her business, Estate Conveyancing. Kelly’s WA office is based in Geraldton, servicing homeowners across the state. Estate Conveyancing also has a branch in Melbourne to assist Victorian homeowners with their conveyancing needs. Having been an active user of Realtime Conveyancer for more than a year, Kelly and her team pride themselves on the fact that the majority of their clients are either repeat clients or have been referred to them by a previous happy client.

Recently, we took some time to chat with Kelly and dive into some of the things that make Estate Conveyancing unique, as well as what she loves about being part of the WA conveyancing community.

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sets you apart in the conveyancing industry?

Estate Conveyancing is a cross-state-based company with offices in WA and VIC.  While being qualified across the two jurisdictions is challenging, having this knowledge is very advantageous to assist clients and their needs across both of these states and processes.

We are always striving to do better and are always advocating for the betterment of our industry, no matter what state you are in.  

What inspired you to start your own conveyancing business?

After a lovely 4 year trip around the world, returning to my homeland in 2009 and my hometown was tough.  People were different, and the world was different. This made me think about life and what direction it was going.  That is when I decided that I wanted to be a business owner, and I wanted to be challenged. 

Working in settlements and property since I left high school, I loved the industry and loved the work.  I am a very social person and try to be positive as much as possible, so why not take that across to pleasing clients and making a difference in the industry!

What challenges have you faced in your journey, and how have you overcome them?

I think we can all say that, at some point or another, we have experienced burnout…  Why do we put ourselves through the stress and high expectations of our industry?  Short answer – There is no better feeling than seeing that SETTLED email and calling that excited client to tell them that they are a homeowner, or you are now a property investor or your property is now transferred, and you never have to speak to your ex again! 

It is really easy to get bogged down in the negative but to overcome the intense and stressful nature of our job, it is vital to be surrounded by the tools to keep you motivated and efficient.  That includes software and also motivated and inspiring people!

What future goals or aspirations do you have for your business, and how do you plan to continue making a difference in the industry?

I want to build up my business in both states and have a more profitable business in line with our worth.  Not necessarily what people’s expectations are but what we are worth in line with the intensity of our work and the skills required.   We are often not given anywhere near enough credit as the professionals we are.   I am also very big on education and making our industry great for all involved, and keeping a high standard.

Kelly’s passion and commitment to making a positive change in the lives of her homebuyers and sellers in what is often a stressful period in people’s lives is truly inspiring. Just like us, people are the heart of her business, and we’re honoured to have called her and the Estate Conveyancing team valued clients of Realtime Conveyancer since 2022.

To learn more about Estate Conveyancing Kelly’s cross-border conveyancing services, visit their website.


Proptech lessons from the US

I was honoured to attend the REACH PortCo 2023 event – a gathering of founders from REACH programs around the world and part of Second Century Ventures – the biggest residential proptech VC fund in the world. 

It was truly inspirational to hear from so many founders who now have successful tech businesses after working through the many challenges and hard times – and the incredible highs – that come from launching transformative technology.

The three days in San Diego were full of great conversations and very personal stories that gave me new insights into what being a tech entrepreneur is really like and – because this was being held in the US – on a scale that is vastly different to WA or even just Australia. 

It was a real gift to meet people who have been through similar challenges to what we’ve gone through launching Realtime Conveyancer, and hear advice from those who have already successfully gone through the growing pains of scaling a proptech startup into something much bigger. Here are my key takeaways:

  • Be passionate about your vision: The most inspiring stories and successful proptechs are those whose founders are passionate about their technology, the problems their clients have and their vision to fix it. They truly love what they do. 
  • Advocate for your industry: Proptechs fix long-standing industry problems but we need to love the industries we serve and ensure our technology is robust, does what it says it will do and genuinely reflects the needs of our customers. 
  • Remember why you fell in love: Like any long-term relationship, you can fall out of love from time to time either with your tech or your customers, but it passes. You need to keep reminding yourself about the qualities that brought you together. 
  • Don’t listen to your inner imposter: We all have people in our lives in business who will criticise us but often it is the voice in our own heads that is the cruellest. Moments of doubt are normal. 
  • Surround yourself with great people: At times when you feel a bit overwhelmed, there is nothing better than genuinely connecting with great people, learning from them and solving the problems of the world – ideally with a margarita! 

Being a proptech founder is a very different world from conveyancing. But it was also interesting to reflect on how well a background and skills in conveyancing have served me moving into this new and exciting field. 

At Reach, I felt like I was part of a family and an exclusive crazy, relentless group who were all coming from the same space and mindset. Just in the same way that when you put a bunch of conveyancers into a room, they all have a shorthand of shared experience, being in a room full of founders gave us a verbal shorthand of knowing exactly what people were talking about with minimal explanation and no judgment. 

The world of startups is a big place and it’s full of people who genuinely want to help each other Realtime Conveyancer is truly honoured to be part of such a cohort. 

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight on… Christine Bradbury, Federation Settlements

In our latest Client Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce Chris Bradbury and her independent settlement agency, Federation Settlements. Chris is the current president of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (WA Division), and we have been lucky enough to have counted Chris as one of our Realtime clients since all the way back to our early days in 2021. Chris has had quite a journey in the WA conveyancing industry over the years, and her knowledge, insights, and experience are unparalleled.

We sat down with Chris recently and asked her to share this journey with us and some of the things that make Federation Settlements special!

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sets you apart in the conveyancing industry?

My business is structured whereby I take no more than 20 deals at a time.  By doing this, I can provide a very personal experience to my clients. 

While I use all technology available to me, I am constantly calling and talking to clients, advising them on what to do next and what to expect from me.  As I am the only person that they talk to during the process, this also gives them a sense of being that special client.

I make sure to add each client to my phone contacts so when they call me, I can answer with: “Hi, Mr Jones” or “Hi, John. How can I help you today?”  The shock in their voice that I know who they are is really evident.

I have been around the industry since the early 1980’s and have seen many changes, but the one constant is client service which I hold as my most valuable asset.

What role does technology play in your business, and how does it enhance your service offerings?

I hold technology high on the list of essential business tools, whether it be my phone system or my laptop, all the way to the platform I use to navigate my daily activities.

I was lucky enough to be accepted as one of the original firms that tested the Realtime platform and provide feedback to improve it. 

Realtime was a real game changer from the very first file and has only got better over time, and it still has more to come that I am very excited about.  The ability to do my job has become so easy with the use of Realtime Conveyancer and DocuSign as well as Scantek for ID all of this is amazing technology and provides me the time to contact my clients. 

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and regulations to ensure your clients receive the best possible service?

One of my passions in my work life is training others to work in our industry.  For me to do this, I need to ensure that I am abreast of all the current and future trends in the industry.  I can do this by being a member of the AICWA and also subscribing to the website to receive updated information as soon as it is published.  I am also a subscriber to the Landgate, Revenue WA and PEXA pages. Being one of the CPD facilitators is also a great way for me to share my experience in the industry and to give a little back to the industry that has served me for the last 40-odd years.

At Realtime Conveyancer, we are truly honoured to have Chris Bradbury and Federation Settlements as part of our valued client community. Chris’ trust in our platform since 2021 and her willingness to be part of the feedback process to help us build the amazing features synonymous with Realtime demonstrates her commitment to the betterment of the wider conveyancing community. We are thrilled to be supporting Chris and her business to deliver exceptional client experiences.

To learn more about Federation Settlements and Chris’ highly personalised services, visit their website.


How technology is enhancing the human experience in conveyancing

The human touch has always been prized in the realm of conveyancing, where the intricacies of property transactions meet financial and legal complexities. After all, buying or selling a property is often one of the most significant transactions in a person’s life. Clients want reassurance, personal attention, and a seamless experience. But what if we told you that when thoughtfully integrated, technology doesn’t diminish this personal touch but can, in fact, enhance the human experience in conveyancing? In this blog, we’ll explore how the marriage of technology and conveyancing can result in a more human-centric, efficient, and client-focused process.

A conveyancer’s greatest asset is their human connection.

Traditionally, conveyancers have been valued for their personal touch. They provide clients expertise, guidance, and security throughout the property transaction journey. Clients appreciate the ability to reach out, ask questions, and receive prompt, empathetic responses. However, repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks can sometimes hamper this personal touch.

Technology is an efficiency enabler.

Enter technology. Often, it is seen as a potential threat to the human-centric approach in many industries, including conveyancing. The reality is quite different. Modern conveyancing platforms, like Realtime Conveyancer, have been carefully crafted to empower conveyancers, not replace them. With Realtime Conveyancer, manual, repetitive tasks can be reduced by up to 75% through automation and time-saving features. 

Conveyancers can free themselves from the shackles of laborious paperwork and no longer spend disproportionate hours on administrative chores. Instead, this newfound time can be channelled where it matters most: towards clients and their unique needs.

Conveyancers can reinvest these saved hours into fostering more profound, meaningful connections with their clients. They can devote extra time to comprehensively understanding client requirements, addressing concerns, and providing expert guidance. This transformation enables them to be the trusted advisors their clients need in the complex realm of property transactions.

Networking and partner engagement

The conveyancing process doesn’t exist in isolation. It involves various stakeholders, from real estate agents to mortgage brokers. Building solid relationships with these partners is essential for a successful transaction. Technology doesn’t replace these connections but enhances them. Conveyancers can use their newfound time to network, collaborate, and forge deeper relationships with referral partners.

Empowering clients with knowledge and information

While technology plays a vital role in the background, it’s not meant to replace face-to-face interactions; instead, it supports them. Clients still crave that personal connection—the reassurance of sitting across from their conveyancer and discussing their concerns. Technology enables conveyancers to offer these interactions more efficiently.

In the modern conveyancing landscape, clients are tech-savvy and desire transparency and involvement. This is where technology, like the Pathway to Settlement (PTS) app, comes into play. PTS isn’t just about streamlining processes; it’s about involving clients in their property journey.

With PTS, clients can stay informed about the progress of their transaction right from their smartphones. They can track milestones, receive updates, and interact with their conveyancer more meaningfully. Rather than feeling disconnected from the process, clients can actively participate, fostering a stronger connection between them and their conveyancer.

Digitising conveyancing really is a win-win for all

In the evolving world of conveyancing, integrating technology is not a threat to the human experience but a means to enhance it. Technology allows conveyancers to regain valuable time, which can be dedicated to building deeper client relationships, networking with partners, and facilitating meaningful face-to-face interactions.

Furthermore, companion apps like PTS empower clients, giving them transparency and control over their property transactions. It’s a win-win for everyone involved—the conveyancer, the client, and all the stakeholders in the property transaction.

So, the next time someone raises concerns about technology devaluing the human experience in conveyancing, you can confidently explain how technology, when thoughtfully integrated, can, in fact, create a more human-centred and efficient process for all parties involved.

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight on… Alysha Chappell, The Simple Settlement Co

We are delighted to introduce you to one of our incredible clients, Alysha Chappell, founder of The Simple Settlement Co. Having started trading earlier this year, Alysha and The Simple Settlement Co are already making remarkable strides. With a background in corporate conveyancing, Alysha brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the table. We sat down with Alysha to learn more about her journey, her vision for The Simple Settlement Co., and how she’s carving her unique path in the industry.

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sets you apart in the conveyancing industry?

The Simple Settlement Co was born out of an opportunity to progress from running a corporate firm to my own business at just the right time in my life. For me, the most important part of the conveyancing process is the client. Purchasing, selling, subdividing or transferring property is such a big life decision and being able to provide support, knowledge, encouragement, and professional service to my clients is what I love about conveyancing.

What inspired you to start your own conveyancing business?

Another settlement agent that I used to work with has always supported me and made sure that I knew I had the ability to go out on my own whenever I decided I was ready. Having the support from other industry colleagues really helped me make the decision.

What role does technology play in your business, and how does it enhance your service offerings?

I made the decision to run a paperless office from the get-go. Therefore I needed to make sure I had all the right technology and options ready and prepared to offer my clients the most simple, seamless conveyancing experience possible.

A huge part of this was transitioning to Realtime Conveyancer. The opportunity, customisation and support to create a settlement process unique to how I do business has made the transition amazing.

I had over 100 files to transfer over, and the support of the team at Realtime, the training and the program itself made this process so much less daunting and provided such a positive experience to not only myself and my staff but our clients during that opening time.

What future goals or aspirations do you have for your business, and how do you plan to continue making a difference in the industry?

I want to continue to grow my business by developing strong, respectful and positive relationships with my clients and others I work with on a daily basis. I plan to build a team who feel supported and encouraged to further themselves in their careers and establish a positive work environment that our staff, clients and referral partners are wowed by. I see big things for The Simple Settlement Co in the next few years.

We’re privileged to support Alysha on her journey. Her bold step into entrepreneurship after her tenure in the corporate conveyancing sector is inspiring, and her commitment to delivering exceptional service and embracing innovation aligns perfectly with our ethos at Realtime Conveyancer.

To find out more about Alysha and The Simple Settlement Co, visit their website.


Why digitised conveyancing is great news for real estate agents

For decades, real estate agents have not really worried much about conveyancing and settlement. It’s been the necessary but boring thing that happened after the thrill and excitement of negotiation and the sale of the property, and has always been someone else’s problem. But changing consumer expectations around service are significantly impacting that.

If you can order a pizza, or book a taxi, or a holiday home and have complete visibility of what is happening for a transaction that is under $100, surely you should be able to expect the same – if not better – when you have committed to spending $300,000, or $750,000 or more than $1m on the biggest transaction in your life?

There are some big changes currently happening in the conveyancing space with the introduction of digitised workflows, task automation, payment security and customer management systems that will have long-range effects on agents that are both far-reaching and positive.

Far from being dreary admin, they offer the real estate industry one of the biggest opportunities in decades to improve its image and reputation and lift its quality of service while also supporting a busier market. And all of this with very little effort. Here’s what’s going on:

It’s time to end the tears

Research by Allianz Australia in 2019 found that buying a home impacts the mental health of one in two Australians, with 55% saying that because of this stress, they’d rather stay in their current home longer.

In addition, according to a trend report by America’s National Association of Realtors, 38% of homebuyers under the age of 28 rate “understanding the process and steps” as the most challenging aspect of buying a home. That’s a worse score than the difficulty of “saving for the downpayment” and “getting a mortgage”. At Inman 2022, it was confirmed 1 in 2 people cry during the settlement process. As conveyancers with over three decades of experience, we can confirm that tears – and frustration – are also a regular occurrence for Australian property buyers and sellers.

So the stress, worry and lack of understanding around what happens when you buy or sell is both a factor in property market performance, discouraging many from entering, and delivers a more stressful experience than necessary for those who do participate.

Anything we can do in the industry to reduce stress and anxiety and deliver better experiences across the entire transaction delivers both reputational benefits and supports a more active property market. Buying a home shouldn’t be a mental health crisis. It should be one of the most exciting things our clients ever do! Digitising conveyancing is an important part of the process.

Improving how the game is played

If the traditional method of buying and selling a property was a football match, it would be like one of those AFL games that is hard to watch. The play is broken and patchy, full of dropped balls, stoppages, injuries and scraps over ball ownership resulting in shouts of ‘ref’! And like a football match, once we enter the fourth quarter of play, the stress and tension really ramps up.

Victory – or defeat – reflects on all the members of the team, and in real estate, agents, financial institutions, conveyancers, and government authorities need to recognise that we are all playing together to secure, close and settle deals. Whether we like our fellow team members or not, a bad performance by one reflects on everyone on the field and will upset the fans.

Many people don’t realise that the way conveyancing is practiced in Australia has undergone very little change over the past 150 years. It is slow and error-prone, with conveyancing taking an average of 42 days to complete nationally. Manual processes mean mistakes are easily made, and this slows everything down further.

The majority of proptech to date has focused on improving the performance of real estate agents, while fintech has focused on streamlining mortgage approvals. Imagine learning that key members of your team have been trained on ancient models while the rest of your team is using the latest 21st-century devices.

The current changes occurring to digitise conveyancing can reduce conveyancing times down to 20 days, significantly reduce the cost, and bring conveyancing practices into alignment with sales and financing. It delivers a faster game, fewer dropped balls and thrilling experiences that are a pleasure to be part of. 

Delivering transparency, clarity and speed

One of the biggest issues around buying and selling currently is the lack of transparency that occurs once a property has been sold. What happens next? ‘That depends’ is not the answer most buyers want when we are talking seriously big money.

When unsure, buyers and sellers will contact their real estate agent. But with their involvement in the process now complete, most agents have moved on to the next deal. Regardless of how well you performed when selling and negotiating, post-sale service – or lack of it – is a significant contributor to the industry’s poor reputation that currently costs agents at least 30% of their clients becoming repeat business, according to ActivePipe. A home is not really sold or bought, though, until all parties have moved in and are hanging pictures or curtains, delighted at starting their new chapter.

Giving clients transparency and clarity is key to helping them feel secure and is a major contributor to reducing stress which, in turn, results in better customer experiences.

Transparency also delivers greater accountability to all of the parties in the transaction, informing what documentation is required at different stages and helping manage its assembly.

Agents shouldn’t need to be overly involved in settlement. You should be confident that you’re working in an environment that helps you support your seller and buyer to complete their sale easily and in a way that supports the great relationship you’ve had with them so far.

Digitised conveyancing practices have created easy-to-use and powerful apps that agents can share with their clients to give them transparency around the final stages of their transaction and help them keep on top of their last actions and handoffs to deliver amazing post-sale experiences for very little effort.

Creating a truly end-to-end and cheaper transaction

For property purchasing to become seamless and something that you could possibly do via your mobile phone, all parts of the transaction need to be digitised. To date, the focus of proptech and fintech has been on improving real estate sales and back office and mortgage assessments, while PEXA has delivered electronic lodgement networks for the final step of the financial exchange and lodgement with government departments.

In the middle sits conveyancing which has been an ever-increasing bottleneck until recently. The changes now being introduced to conveyancing are similar to those that real estate has embraced, including the use of CRMs to manage customers, workflow management, digital documents with electronic signing, automation and electronic handoffs replacing the emailing of sensitive information across the internet.

These changes not only improve the speed with which conveyancing can be done but also reduces the error rate, which in turn reduces conveyancer stress and the cost to the consumer. And who doesn’t love a cheaper rate?

Making transactions secure

Payment redirection – also known as man-in-the-middle scams – are increasingly common in real estate. In January 2022, an NSW family almost lost $1.1 million when transferring funds to a scammer’s account. In WA, a year earlier, one owner lost $133,000 after a scammer cloned their conveyancer’s email address and provided false bank details. The victims transferred their funds for settlement to the bogus account.

Under the current, non-automated, non-standardised process of conveyancing, issues regularly arise with the quality and accuracy of data, exposing conveyancing firms, real estate agents and clients to increased risk, particularly cyber risk. Sophisticated cyber-criminals exploit manual loopholes and weaknesses through email phishing, cyber fraud and other scams.

The security features of digitised conveyancing add layers of digital security to reduce the risk of fraud and the scamming of deposits and settlement funds and deliver transparency so both consumers and professionals can clearly see transaction progress. It also supports reduced anxiety around the transaction, which, when the dollars are this big, is considerable.

Letting you do you

One of the false promises of technology has been that it gives you time back – only to give you more things to do! But the digitisation of conveyancing isn’t about reducing the work to the point where anyone – especially an agent – could or should handle conveyancing. Instead, it recognises the special skills of conveyancers to identify and solve problems within contracts and settlements and makes them more efficient, cost-effective, secure and transparent and easy to integrate into the bigger property transaction picture as a whole.

This gives real estate agents peace of mind and security. You can be confident that if you’re working with a conveyancer who is embracing digitisation, they will easily integrate within your real estate workflows and systems, not give you or your team more to do.

It will, however, give your clients a better experience, help them move into their properties faster and more affordably, and do all of this within an environment that is cyber-secure and easy to understand. You negotiate and sell. We’ll handle the legals and settlement. Everyone does what they are best at, just more easily, and our clients are delighted. It’s wins all round.

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight on… Loan Le, Settle On Point

Today, we are thrilled to put the spotlight on one of our amazing clients, Loan Le, and her independent settlement agency, Settle On Point. Loan was one of our first adopters, coming on board with us back in 2022. And with 20 years of settlement experience and a passion for delivering top-notch service, Loan is making waves with her conveyancing business. We sat down with Loan recently and asked her to share her journey with us, and some of the things that make Settle On Point unique!

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sets you apart in the conveyancing industry?

Settle On Point is an independent settlement agency with 20 years of settlement experience, which is constantly evolving every day to trends and updates to ensure clients’ settlement experiences are seamless and hassle-free.

What inspired you to start your own conveyancing business?

Starting my own conveyancing business has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. After 20 years of experience and 15 years working for an established law firm in Perth, I finally took the leap of faith and turned this dream into reality!

What role does technology play in your business, and how does it enhance your service offerings?

Technology plays a vital role in my business. Choosing the right services will assist in many ways, including efficiency, seamless communication between parties, and faster turnaround time to ensure client satisfaction.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and regulations to ensure your clients receive the best possible service?

I participate in conveyancing workshops, seminars, webinars and industry conferences to stay informed about the latest developments and best practices in the conveyancing industry. I also am registered for updates with the government bodies – Office of State Revenue, Landgate etc.

How do you maintain strong relationships with your clients and foster trust and transparency throughout the conveyancing process?

I provide clear communication to clients and ensure pricing is transparent with no extra costs if not required. I keep my clients updated regularly, being responsive in a timely matter, professional, reliable and treat each client tailored to their specific needs.

What future goals or aspirations do you have for your business, and how do you plan to continue making a difference in the industry?

I would love for my business to grow even more and have a bigger team working for Settle on Point. I continue to provide exceptional service and provide our clients with the best industry knowledge.

At Realtime Conveyancer, we are truly honoured to have Loan Le and Settle On Point as part of our valued client community. Loan’s trust in our platform since 2022 demonstrates the confidence she has in Realtime Conveyancer to meet her software needs as she delivers on her mission of providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for her clients. We are thrilled to be supporting Loan on her journey and look forward to seeing Settle On Point’s continued success in the conveyancing industry.

To learn more about Settle On Point and experience Loan’s exceptional services, visit their website.


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