Client Spotlight

Think you’re too busy to switch software providers? Meet someone who was, but did it anyway.

There’s somewhat of a trend in recent years, where at the beginning of the new year, people pick a ‘word’ that they’ll base their year on. Usually, it’s something upbeat or motivating. For conveyancing in 2024, though, that word has got to be BUSY. Everybody we speak to is busy. Busy with files. Busy being understaffed and overworked. Busy, busy, busy. A good problem to have, yes. But for many, too busy to even think about transitioning to a new software platform. It feels like a daunting, if not downright impossible, process. Yet, amidst all the chaos of managing files, correspondence, and appointments, there is a solution that will streamline your processes, boost your efficiency, and ultimately transform the way you work.

Valerie Bellerose, the licensee of Bellerose Property Conveyancing, knows this struggle all too well. In her own words, she shares her journey of transitioning to Realtime Conveyancer – a decision that initially seemed daunting but ultimately proved to be a game-changer for her business.

“I always knew that there had to be something new and better than the previous program that I was using,” Valerie recalls. “And as a settlement agent, I was very set in my ways and decided that I had to step outside the box if I wanted things to be different.”

For Valerie, stepping outside the box was critical. Like many conveyancers, her boutique business is built on referrals, and she prides herself on offering bespoke, highly personalised service to her clients. Embracing change was not just about improving efficiency for her; it was about maintaining, and even surpassing, the already high standards of service that her clients and referral partners have come to expect.

What caught Valerie’s attention about Realtime Conveyancer was its innovative approach to streamlining processes, especially its Auto Finance tab. This feature, she says, is the most valuable part of the system. “The new system’s ways of receipting, balancing files, payments… The Auto Finance tab is probably the thing that I like most about the system because it saves a lot of time.”

For Valerie, time is of the essence, especially as a self-employed business owner with personal commitments scattered throughout the day. With Realtime Conveyancer, she found the flexibility to manage her workload efficiently, even while attending personal appointments. “Because I work for myself, I need to go to personal appointments during the day. And I use my phone to email clients, check on certain things happening on my files, and it never stops. Using Realtime has made that possible.”

One of the standout features of Realtime Conveyancer for Valerie was its ease of use and the comprehensive support provided by the Realtime team. Despite initial reservations, Valerie found the transition process to be seamless, thanks to the intuitive nature of the platform and the dedicated assistance she received. “Learning the system was really easy. Very seamless because it’s been simplified. The ladies, Katelyn, Nicole, and Alannah were fantastic. They never made me feel like I was silly for asking questions, because I felt they were all relevant to what I was doing.”

Reflecting on her experience, Valerie offers a word of encouragement to fellow conveyancers who may be hesitant to make the switch: “I’d say just do it. There’s never an easy time or the best time. It’s always daunting. Everything’s always daunting. I would just do it and see how it rolls. There’s so much support out there, even from other conveyancers that are using the system.”

Like many conveyancers, Valerie felt too busy to embrace change, even though she knew this was what was needed for her business. But by taking the leap and transitioning to Realtime Conveyancer, she could work at a new level of efficiency and productivity, offering unparalleled support to her buyers and sellers. This is a decision she has never regretted. As she aptly puts it, “The only regret you’ll have is not doing it.”

So, find an hour in your day and take the first step you know that your business needs. Book a demo with us now!

About Realtime

Meet Alannah Dillon, Market Development Executive

In the fast-paced world of conveyancing, access to effective tools and dedicated support can significantly enhance productivity and ease the daily pressures conveyancers face. Alannah Dillon is one of our Market Development Executives based in WA. Since joining us in 2022, Alannah’s days are filled with platform demos, onboarding and training new clients, and generally supporting our users to leverage the Realtime platform to its fullest potential.

Before joining our team, Alannah worked as a conveyancing assistant within a prominent conveyancing firm in Perth’s north-east. This role equipped her with a practical understanding of the conveyancing process, positioning her perfectly to appreciate the nuanced needs of our clients. Her transition to Realtime was driven by a desire to apply this hands-on knowledge to help conveyancers benefit from our world-first technology.

In her current role, Alannah is often the first touchpoint for new and existing users. It’s safe to say that Alannah’s bright and sunny disposition is a welcome site in our user’s offices. “Realtime Conveyancer is a transaction management software used by conveyancers.. to do their start-to-end transactions. It’s cloud-based, which means you can work from any device, anywhere, at any time,” Alannah explains. She takes pride in the flexibility and efficiency Realtime offers, as she knows how valuable this is for conveyancing business owners who are predominantly small business owners balancing the juggles of personal and business responsibilities.  

She has countless stories of clients who’ve managed their conveyancing tasks from remote locations or amidst a busy schedule without skipping a beat. One of her most memorable ones from early in her journey. Alannah recalls, “We had a client who was in Bali and she called us when she got home and said that Realtime was the best decision that she had made. She was sitting by the pool when a settlement came forward earlier than expected, and she was able to do everything she needed to do from Bali using Realtime.”

Alannah’s favourite aspect of her job is interacting with a diverse range of industry professionals – from conveyancers and business owners to support staff and industry partners. This engagement fuels her passion for the industry and reinforces Realtime’s commitment to community and client support.

As Realtime Conveyancer continues to evolve, our customer-facing team members like Alannah are indispensable in our vision to empower conveyancers. These passionate, genuine people are there to support conveyancers like you in continuing to deliver exceptional customer experiences to your buyers and sellers. If you’re ready to work more efficiently with industry-leading security and automation, Alannah and the Realtime team are ready to guide you every step of the way. Book a personalised demo today.


New calculator helps conveyancers understand savings

A new online calculator has been created to help conveyancers understand the benefits of using the latest cloud-based and paperless technology to improve their practice. 

The Realtime Conveyancer calculator identifies in detail how many hours conveyancing practices can save, the additional number of Matters they can complete and the additional revenue they can earn with their current team in just a few clicks. 

It demonstrates that a typical conveyancing practice can improve their productivity by 42% and increase their workload by 20% – all while reducing the hours they need to spend in the office. 

For a three-person conveyancing firm, this translates into the ability to handle an additional 288 files a year, earning more than $172,000 in revenue while reducing the time worked by more than 1000 hours, the calculator shows. A team of 9 people are able to handle an additional 960 files across the year and earn more than $575,000 in additional revenue with a reduction of 3600 hours of overtime annually. 

The founder and CEO of Realtime Conveyancer, Kylie Dillon, said the calculator demonstrates how conveyancers can handle more Matters, earn more money and yet go home earlier because they’ll work fewer hours.

It also identifies the hidden costs inside their current workflows, including overtime, and how technology could both reduce the business risks and significantly improve their revenue – without a lot of extra work. 

“Most conveyancers will tell you that overtime isn’t an issue for them because they don’t pay it, but even unpaid overtime has a cost for your team members and your business, through stress caused by long hours, burnout and needing to give staff members time in lieu,” Kylie said. 

“But most importantly, the calculator helps conveyancers visualise the benefits of Realtime by showing them how much extra they can earn while still having a workload that is more manageable and flexible.” 

The calculator works for conveyancing practices of any size. To use the calculator, conveyancers type in the size of their team, the number of Matters they typically handle in a month, and the amount they typically charge per Matter. 

The calculator then identifies the annual number of Matters the practice handles across the year, the revenue that earned, wages bill and most importantly, the number of hours it takes for the team to complete the work, including the overtime required. 

Kylie said the algorithm behind the calculator was based on a Time and Motion study conducted in 2023 that analysed the performance of conveyancing firms using Realtime Conveyancer and compared their productivity to what they used to achieve using legacy platforms. 

“From that study, we identified that it typically takes a conveyancing team 8.5 hours to complete a Matter using traditional methods, but this is reduced to just 5 hours using Realtime,” she said. 

“That’s because our unique paperless, cloud-based system automates many of the manual and administrative tasks of conveyancing, while also allowing multiple team members into the same file, and the ability to work from anywhere, meaning conveyancers are no longer tied to the office.” 

The calculator then applies a Matter fee of $599 as a base, but this can be overwritten.

“We used the lowest fee we know that is advertised out in the market to ensure that our predictions about increased revenue were conservative,” Kylie said. “Obviously, if you charge more per Matter, your earnings and savings will be considerably higher.” 

Kylie said the calculator was just one way that Realtime was working to help conveyancers understand the benefits of adopting technology were worth the effort of changing systems. 

“Our clients tell us that our technology makes them 50% faster and 100% happier which we love, but our favourite stories are those where clients tell us that they’re getting their quality of life back by being able to attend family events, or go home early to be with the kids after school since using our platform,” Kylie said. 

“The combination of those anecdotes and the work we’ve done with the study and the calculator mean that we’re very confident that after moving to Realtime Conveyancer, you and your team will be able to handle more files, earn more money and even go home on time.”

Try the Realtime Calculator


Navigating Client Communications: Balancing Availability with Productivity

Effective client communication sits at the centre of every transaction. It is crucial for building trust, managing expectations, and, ultimately, ensuring successful property settlements. However, for many conveyancing business owners, traditional client communication methods – such as phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings – can be time-consuming and inefficient and often cause stress among team members. Our previous article looked at the financial and non-financial costs (including the toll on mental wellness) of these constant interruptions and work fragmentation that typically plague conveyancers. 

So, on one hand, conveyancers are overwhelmed by communication. But at the same time, consumers are demanding even more transparency and immediacy in the communication around their property settlement. As a business owner who cares not only about your team’s wellbeing but also about your clients and the business’s bottom line, how do we satisfy everyone? 

The answer? Leverage technology. Implement tools to streamline and automate the communication pipeline to enhance client communication while reducing the manual burden on conveyancers. Fortunately, innovative solutions are available that can facilitate communication processes, improve client satisfaction, and alleviate the stress and overwhelm experienced by your team.

Streamlining Communication Processes with Technology

Realtime Conveyancer offers industry-first solutions, such as app-based communication through the Pathway to Settlement consumer app, which automates client updates, reducing the need for constant phone calls and emails. Pathway to Settlement enables you to leverage app-based, automated communication, update your clients, and allow them to track the progress of their transactions 24/7 without the need for constant phone calls or emails. This not only improves the client experience but also frees up valuable time for your team to focus on higher-value tasks.

Other tools conveyancing businesses could consider include automated quoting processes and chatbots to provide clients and potential clients with accurate information and responses in real-time. Web-based instant quote tools provide clients with accurate and timely quotes without requiring manual calculations, lengthy phone calls, or back-and-forth emails. This saves time for your team and ensures consistency and transparency in your pricing.

For those willing to lead the way with communication technology, chatbots can handle basic client enquiries, such as general information about the conveyancing process and documentation requirements. By implementing chatbots on your website, you can provide instant responses to common queries, freeing up your team to focus on more complex tasks and reducing the need for constant interruptions.

Finally, conveyancers can leverage SMS messages to send regular updates to clients, informing them of important milestones and deadlines throughout the conveyancing process. SMS messages can be used to keep your clients in the loop without requiring lengthy phone calls or email exchanges, allowing your team to maintain productivity and focus.

Establishing Processes for Effective Communication

While the modern communication technologies mentioned above offer numerous benefits, it’s crucial to establish processes and boundaries to ensure that convenience does not come at the expense of productivity or client relationships. Encouraging these alternative channels for non-urgent queries can help prevent interruptions and allow your team to focus on their work uninterrupted. This frees them up to have lengthy phone conversations with clients whose transactions are trickier or require more comprehensive support. 

Consider this scenario: You’ve sent your client a large packet of settlement documents to sign and return. Perhaps you post them, or more likely, you email them. When your client receives them, they call you to discuss some questions they have. Then, since they need to complete their ID check anyway, they decide to drop the signed documents back to their conveyancer in your office (without pre-booking a meeting) and chat about what’s next while they’re with you. 

Juxtapose this with the alternative scenario, where your office is leveraging available technology to reduce the impost of client communication whilst simultaneously empowering your client to be informed on the status of their transaction.

You send your client a large packet of settlement documents via Pathway to Settlement. They review them and call you with some questions. They sign the documents and return them to you via the app. At the same time, they action the ID request you sent them via your Virtual ID partner. The conveyancer receives the documents back, straight into their Realtime matter along with the completed ID, and marks off these tasks in their matter’s workflow. The client checks back in the Pathway to Settlement app to see that these milestones have been completed. 

Note that in the second scenario, you haven’t removed client communication. In fact, if anything, it could be argued that your client is even more informed about their transaction, given that they can view all of the pathway steps in their app. Your conveyancer has still been able to foster a positive relationship with their client when they go over the documents on the phone with them. But the time your conveyancer has spent overall is significantly reduced, freeing them to work on more pressing matters.

Supporting Team Wellbeing and Productivity

Implementing tools and strategies to support your team’s wellbeing and productivity is essential for creating a positive work environment and ensuring efficient client communications. As highlighted in our previous blog, the constant interruptions and work fragmentation experienced by conveyancing staff significantly disrupt concentration and elevate stress levels, ultimately impacting productivity, employee morale and client satisfaction.

To address these challenges, consider implementing task management software, such as Realtime Conveyancer, and use time-blocking techniques to help your team manage their workload more effectively. By providing your team with the resources and support they need to stay organised and focused, you can prevent burnout and ensure that client communications enhance productivity rather than detract from it.

Furthermore, fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration within your team can also improve wellbeing and productivity. Encourage team members to share insights, ideas, and best practices and provide professional development and growth opportunities. Research has shown that businesses that invest in their team’s development and create a supportive work environment have greater employee satisfaction, which can lead to superior client experiences.

Balancing Communication, Productivity and Employee Workload in Conveyancing

Finding the balance between accessibility and productivity is essential in business, but never more so than for modern conveyancing businesses. As explored throughout this article, leveraging technology can streamline client communications, offering greater transparency and on-demand information while supporting your team’s wellbeing and productivity.

By embracing innovative solutions such as Realtime Conveyancer’s Pathway to Settlement app, automated quoting processes, chatbots, and SMS updates, conveyancing business owners can streamline communication channels, enhance the client experience, and alleviate the burden on their team. These tools improve efficiency and empower clients to stay informed and engaged throughout the transaction process, fostering trust and satisfaction.

About Realtime

What are the issues impacting conveyancers? Realtime is finding out!

A new survey to understand the issues impacting conveyancers and how they feel about the future has been launched by Realtime Conveyancer. 

The State of Conveyancing survey asks conveyancers key questions about their roles and workloads, how they are changing and how well equipped they feel to deal with future challenges including ever increasing client expectations and technology. 

Insights collected in the survey will be used to create a national report that identifies industry benchmarks and is shared with all conveyancers. 

The founder and CEO of Realtime Conveyancer, Kylie Dillon, said the survey would capture valuable data to support better decision making by the conveyancing industry. 

“Taking stock of our current position in relation to the challenges and opportunities we face as an industry is vitally important,” said Kylie. 

“While there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from conveyancers about how challenging they are finding the industry at the moment, there is very little data because it has never been captured. 

“But taking steps today to quantify key industry benchmarks – just as they do in real estate and other industries – allows us to understand our current position, help us plan for the future and be clearer on the work that is required to make life better for both conveyancers and their clients.”

Questions in the survey seek to understand the hours that conveyancers typically work, the level of work intensification created by customer demands and employment issues such as finding new staff. It also seeks to understand the quality of the tools that conveyancers are using to do their jobs, the average time spent on Matters, stress levels and why conveyancers love their jobs. 

Kylie said that at a time when the grass roots industry of conveyancing was dominated by global players, she was proud that as a local proptech, Realtime Conveyancer, was taking the initiative and giving back to the industry. 

“I’m absolutely passionate about conveyancing but if we don’t measure, we can’t manage our businesses and our industry better, so participating in the survey is vitally important,” Kylie said. 

“As a locally grown technology provider to the conveyancing industry, we understand local challenges better than anyone and we are working with the industry to constantly improve the technology available and align it to conveyancer needs.

“Capturing this data will help us understand the depth of pain points, prioritise solutions and understand how we can support a vibrant and successful industry.”

Every conveyancer who completes the survey in full will be eligible to win a $500 RetreatMe hamper package. 

Completing the survey takes roughly 8 minutes. To participate, click button below.


What daily interruptions are costing your team and your business

The conveyancing industry in 2024 is fast-paced and, at times, incredibly stressful. We see many business owners who have yet to fully realise the transformative power of technology to streamline their operations, enhance their team’s efficiency, and, ultimately, improve their business’s bottom line.

Having sat with hundreds of conveyancers, it is apparent that much of the challenge lies in the day-to-day interruptions that conveyancing staff face – phone calls, client walk-ins, urgent emails and software outages. These interruptions significantly disrupt concentration and elevate stress levels among staff members. While seemingly short, research has shown that they are major productivity killers and can lead to increased errors, missed deadlines, and heightened employee burnout.

Let’s consider a typical scenario in a conveyancing office…

A conveyancer is deeply focused on balancing a matter for settlement when an urgent call from a client breaks their concentration and takes their attention to another matter. This disruption not only delays the task at hand but also requires a significant mental effort to regain focus, further exacerbating the employee’s stress and overwhelm.

The cumulative effect of these interruptions throughout the day can be profound. Longer working hours and a stressed workforce impact client satisfaction and the business’s reputation.

What does the research say about interruptions?

A University of California study examining the nature of interruption and fragmented work found that the mental and cognitive burden on employees juggling multiple tasks suggests a need for better tools and strategies to support task management. The authors surmised that technology can help workers maintain continuity in their work and more effectively manage interruptions, resulting in the potential for improved productivity and well-being in the workplace.

In the context of conveyancing, where precision and timely communication are necessities, the cost of interruptions extends beyond just the immediate loss of productivity. They also contribute to a higher error rate, increased operational costs, and, arguably most importantly, a deteriorating workplace culture that can affect employee retention and well-being.

So, what can we do about this issue?

Conveyancing business owners should look to the adoption of technology as a viable solution to these issues. Automation tools and software streamline repetitive tasks and offer their staff a more organised and efficient way to manage client communications and documents. This technological intervention can significantly reduce the need for manual input.

The result? Fewer opportunities for interruptions, allowing staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks that require their expertise and judgment.

When we look at the tools and technology available to conveyancers, modern solutions are equipped to overcome traditional limitations, such as software outages and are conducive to the growing trend towards flexible work arrangements. Cloud-based systems offer the advantage of remote accessibility, enabling team members to work flexibly and balance their personal well-being with professional responsibilities.

What happens when we address work fragmentation and interruptions?

In acknowledging the significant toll that day-to-day interruptions take on your operations and on your team, you can take the first step to improve your business’s bottom line and enhance your team’s wellness.

Integrating technology into conveyancing practices is about embracing a culture change that values efficiency, employee well-being, and client satisfaction. Business owners who recognise the intangible benefits of technology will be better equipped to foster a healthier, more productive work environment for their employees.

Investing in the right technological solutions can reduce disruptions, streamline your processes, and create a more efficient and happier workplace.

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight on… Talitha King, Conveyancing Southwest

Located in the picturesque southwest city of Busselton in WA, Conveyancing Southwest is a longstanding local business with a fantastic reputation for exceptional property settlement services. Established in 2002 and taken over by current Director & Licensee Talitha King in 2017, Conveyancing Southwest has established itself as a leader in the WA conveyancing industry.

Realtime Conveyancer has been honoured to have been supporting the Conveyancing Southwest team with our breakthrough technology since early 2022. Recently, we spoke to Talitha to get an insight into what sets Conveyancing Southwest apart and how they’re delivering exceptional experiences for their buyers and sellers. 

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sets you apart in the conveyancing industry?  

I think our adoption and use of technology to better serve our clients sets us apart.  We have always been early adopters of new tech, and we love finding ways to make our clients’ experience more efficient and convenient without compromising (and even improving) on security, trust and the personal touch.

How does your business prioritise customer satisfaction and provide an exceptional experience for homebuyers and sellers?  

We know that no two buyers or sellers are the same; everyone has their own story, and the settlement process is a big deal for them.  If it’s a big deal for them, then it’s a big deal for us.  We want to be on the journey with them, and our commitment to understanding the significance of the change in their life is what allows us to best serve their needs.

Can you share a success story or a memorable experience where your services made a significant impact on a client’s home-buying or selling journey?  

We had a settlement where the orders and requisitions received from the local council showed a formal compliance order over the property but didn’t give any further information.  It would have been easy to miss amongst the information provided, but we made some enquiries with the shire and discovered that the property had been modified and was unapproved.  

Usually, this can be easily resolved by gaining retrospective building approval; however, in this case, it was unable to be approved because the property was in a special character area, and the council did not have the discretion to vary the regulations laid out in the scheme and therefore were unable to provide an approval.

The buyer was still keen to go ahead but was able to enter into negotiations with the seller to ensure that they were compensated for the future risk that they were taking in.  Our expertise in picking up on something that looked a little out of the ordinary meant our buyer could proceed with their purchase with their eyes wide open.

And for a little more insight into Talitha & her team, here is a snippet from the 2023 AICWA State Conference, where Talitha took some time to tell us about her business.

We’re thrilled to be able to support innovative, forward-thinking conveyancers like Talitha and the team at Conveyancing Southwest. Their client-first focus and their commitment to embedding themselves into their client’s personal journeys is something to be truly admired. To learn more about Talitha and Conveyancing Southwest’s ethos, visit their website.

Media Releases

What it looks like to get started with Realtime Conveyancer

Making the switch to Realtime Conveyancer is an exciting time for your business! Embracing efficiency and the latest in conveyancing technology is a wise choice, but what does that actual onboarding process look like? Our onboarding process has been designed to make the transition as seamless as possible, integrating with your existing operations. 

From the get-go, our goal is to make the transition smooth and stress-free for you. Put aside your preconceptions about the complexity of adopting a new system. Our team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you feel confident and empowered using the platform. 

So, here’s a breakdown of what getting started with Realtime Conveyancer looks like…

Step 1: Your Personalised Demo

We’ll come to you! One of our Realtime Conveyancer team members will visit your office to give you a demonstration of the platform and show how it can be tailored to your needs. Booking a demo is simple: visit our website, enter your details, and schedule a time. This initial demo takes up to an hour and gives you firsthand insight into the features and tools that will benefit your office the most.

We know that each conveyancing firm is different and that what you value or need in your business may not be the same as what the conveyancer down the road values or needs. As part of our demo, we’ll get you to give us a bit of insight into you, your business and your goals so that we can tailor the demo to highlight the tools and features that will be of most benefit to you.

Step 2: Application and Setup

Like what you see? If the demo captures your interest (we’re sure it will 😉), applying for Realtime Conveyancer is easy. You can apply in just five minutes via the simple Client Application Form on our website. 

Once we receive your application, together with the names and email addresses of the user accounts you need set up, we’ll get your account up and running. Within 24 hours of your application, Realtime will have your team’s access set up, ensuring a quick transition phase.

Step 3: Activation Session

Once your account is set up, we’ll book your activation session. This takes place at your office, with a Realtime team member coming out to walk you through your setup. This is a hands-on meeting where we’ll navigate the system together, customise your settings, and walk through the initial steps of using the platform. Some of the things we’ll cover in this session include:

  • Setting up team access and permissions
  • Your agency’s financial settings
  • Ensuring your email and document templates are working
  • Checking that you’re comfortable with your standard workflows
  • Connecting your account with our integration partners, like Microsoft 365, Livesign, Movinghub and more
  • Show you where to find help and get support

This session typically lasts between 1-2 hours, with additional behind-the-scenes work from us beforehand to import your templates, adjust your workflow and get things working in accordance with your unique office procedures. 

Step 4: Kickoff Training

Now that Realtime is customised for you and your business, the next step is our Kickoff Training session.  This is a pivotal moment in your transition to Realtime Conveyancer, designed to empower you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to get started quickly. This in-depth, two-hour training session covers all the essentials – entering matters, preparing documents, managing emails, and exploring the system’s key functionalities. 

This training session gives your team a solid foundation for efficient and effective use of the software.

We strongly encourage dedicating uninterrupted time for this training. We know that this can be easier said than done in the world of conveyancing, but making time for this training is making time for your team’s growth and success, ensuring you fully leverage Realtime Conveyancer’s potential from the outset. We have found that firms who have prioritised this session have significantly faster uptake and more effectively utilise all of the features that Realtime has to offer.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

You’re off and running! We know that, as with any new process or system, there is an initial learning curve for you and your team. And so, we ensure that you have access to ongoing support from our team. Your dedicated account contact will check in with you regularly, and they’re always available by phone or email during business hours to help you out. 

Additionally, the platform includes an AI Helper, Ruby, who is available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you in locating and using specific features and tools.

Transition Timeframe

The transition from demo to active use of Realtime Conveyancer can be as quick as 2-4 weeks, depending on your team’s engagement and readiness to make the switch. We’re committed to facilitating a seamless transition, offering support and guidance every step of the way.

Making the switch to Realtime Conveyancer is the best decision you’ll make for your conveyancing business. With our clear, step-by-step onboarding process, personalised support, and training sessions, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your business can leverage the full potential of digital conveyancing with ease. 

And before you know it, you’ll be like so many of our wonderful clients – working 50% faster while being 100% happier! Get started today!

Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight on… KDD Conveyancing Services

Over the last 15 years or so, the demands on conveyancers have changed quite dramatically. Consumer expectations have evolved, regulatory obligations have increased, and many conveyancers we speak to are unsure of how to transition their business into this modern conveyancing landscape. One firm that has done this, though, is WA’s KDD Conveyancing Services.

KDD Conveyancing Services is one of Western Australia’s largest conveyancing firms, and over the last 10 years, they’ve not only embraced cutting-edge technology but have also set new industry standards for modern conveyancing practices. In this Client Spotlight, we take a look at KDD’s journey of transformation, including their commitment to innovation, their journey to paperless operations how flexible working arrangements are now commonplace in their business, all made possible by their partnership with Realtime Conveyancer.

Leading the way from the beginning of eConveyancing

KDD, having recently celebrated its 20th year in operations, has a long history of being at the forefront of technological advancements in the conveyancing industry. Take their commitment to embracing econveyancing in their business – back in December 2016, having settled a mere 100 settlements, KDD was Australia’s top transfer transactor on PEXA. Less than eight years later, they’ve now settled thousands.

Grace Boyle, KDD’s Licensee & General Manager, reflects on this milestone, saying, “We’ve always believed that embracing technology is essential for the future of conveyancing. It’s about providing better, more efficient services to our clients.”

Settling properties from Broome to the Nullabor and beyond

One of the standout stories of KDD’s digital embrace is that of Maddison Westlake, one of their longest-serving team members. Joining the KDD team in 2016 as their receptionist, Maddi built up a wealth of knowledge and genuine connections with many of KDD’s clients and referral partners. 

When she made the decision to travel around Australia with her partner in 2023, Grace realised that she was too good an asset for KDD to lose and was able to create a remote working role for Maddi.

This role has allowed Maddi to work remotely for KDD from some of North West WA’s most picturesque locations, and now as she travels across the Nullabor into South Australia.

Becoming paperless in a paper-heavy industry

KDD Conveyancing Services made the decision to become a paperless office back in 2017, driven by a vision to enhance efficiency and minimise their environmental footprint. In what is traditionally a very paper-heavy industry, KDD proudly stands today as one of the industry leaders, with operations that are almost entirely paperless. 

This transformation has not only streamlined their processes and saved the business money but has also contributed to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to conveyancing. Grace says, “Our transition to a paperless office is more than just modernisation. It’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency in conveyancing, and future-proofing our business.”

Supporting their team with flexible working arrangements

In addition to the flexibility offered to Maddi in her role whilst travelling, KDD Conveyancing Services also identified the need for increased flexibility for the rest of the Ellenbrook-based team. A considerable number of the team now work in hybrid office/remote roles, demonstrating just how easily modern technology can redefine work arrangements.  

Grace says that these arrangements offer her team a greater work-life balance but also that time has proven that this has not come at the cost of productivity. In fact, KDD’s conveyancers consistently settle an above-industry-average number of properties, thanks to the efficiencies and automations offered by Realtime Conveyancer’s Transaction Management Software.  

“Our team’s ability to work remotely and efficiently has been pivotal in achieving our goals. It’s about redefining traditional boundaries in conveyancing.”, says Grace.

A modern conveyancing experience for today’s clients

KDD’s commitment to innovation also extends to their clients by offering the Pathway to Settlement app to all buyers, sellers and real estate agents. This app by Realtime Conveyancer empowers KDD’s clients to track their property settlements 24/7 from their smartphones and securely share their account details with the KDD team. This not only reduces the risk of cyber-attacks but also enhances customer satisfaction and bolsters the firm’s reputation as a modern, tech-savvy conveyancer.

Navigating digital transformation and embracing innovation

Realtime Conveyancer’s CEO and Founder, Kylie Dillon, is undeniably proud of the team at KDD, stating, “KDD Conveyancing Services exemplifies what forward-thinking conveyancing firms can achieve with the right technology partner. We’re proud to partner with them in their mission to support their staff in modern work practices and to continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences to WA homebuyers and sellers.”

KDD Conveyancing Services has laid a sturdy foundation for the future of conveyancing by making strategic choices in their tech stack, including Realtime Conveyancer. This deliberate approach has enabled them to drive changes that extend beyond their settlement processes. With a focus on paperless operations, flexible work arrangements, and delivering exceptional client experiences, KDD is well-positioned to enter the era of modern conveyancing. To find out more about how the team at KDD Conveyancing Services is embracing digital change, visit their website.

Ready to make the leap into modern conveyancing like KDD have? Book a personalised demo of Realtime Conveyancer and transform your operations!


Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Conveyancing Tech Stack

It is easy to stick to the familiar and continue doing things the way we’ve always done them. But as consumer expectations evolve and cyber concerns loom larger than ever, at the back of every conveyancing business owner’s mind is the thought, ‘How do I keep up, keep my business secure and stay competitive?”. Change can be daunting, and the thought of upgrading our tech stack may seem like an overwhelming task. However, upgrading your conveyancing technology is not only beneficial but essential for the growth and success of your business. 

Think of your tech stack as all of the technologies used in your office and how they work together and interact to support you in running your business and delivering your services to your clients. Over time, you might find that you have different accounts and software used for different things but that they don’t really talk to each other, and in fact, some may not even be relevant to you any longer. So, here are our top six reasons why reviewing and upgrading your tech stack is the smartest move you’ll make for your conveyancing business.

1. Efficiency Gains & Time Savings

Efficiency is key in the modern conveyancing process. By upgrading your tech stack, you can streamline operations, reduce manual tasks, and significantly improve efficiency. Advanced technology solutions automate repetitive tasks, such as document generation and data entry, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on higher-value activities and client interactions. This not only boosts productivity but also enhances job satisfaction among your staff.

In speaking with conveyancers who have harnessed efficiencies in their businesses, it seems they have two choices when it comes to what to do with the extra time they get back in their day. Many use this additional time to achieve a greater work/life balance, freeing them up to work fewer hours and spend time with their families. Others have chosen to take on additional work, increasing their revenue and growing their business whilst still working the same number of hours as they would have previously.

2. Enhanced Client Experience

The modern homeowner expects a seamless, transparent transaction. By upgrading your tech stack, you can meet the expectations of today’s consumers by providing easy access to information and streamlined communication channels. Advances in conveyancing software facilitate smoother transactions, faster response times, and improved communication with clients, enhancing their overall experience. 

In almost all other areas of their lives, consumers can obtain real-time updates from their smartphones. These capabilities are now possible in conveyancing with consumer apps like Pathway to Settlement. These apps empower clients to track the status of their settlement 24/7 and securely exchange documents and bank account details, leading to increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Remote Work Capabilities

The rise of remote work has transformed the conveyancing industry, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditional conveyancing software does not allow for the flexibility needed to work remotely with ease, especially if you’re out and about on the road. By upgrading your tech stack with cloud-based software and digital tools, you can empower your team to work from anywhere, increasing flexibility and resilience in your business operations. 

Remote work has also been shown to reduce workplace stress, improve mental well-being, and enhance productivity, creating a more supportive and adaptable work environment for your staff. In fact, according to Randstad’s 2023 Workmonitor Report, 74.6% of Australian workers believe that flexibility in terms of location is important to them.

4. Competitive Advantage

Conveyancing is a highly regulated industry, and as such, there is not much room to differentiate your services in terms of the legal process that must be followed. So instead, conveyancing businesses need to look for alternative ways to stand out from the crowd. One way to do so is by leveraging the latest technology.

Modern tech solutions like Pathway to Settlement enable you to offer innovative services and unique experiences to clients and real estate agents, such as real-time transaction tracking and secure document sharing. By adapting to changing market trends and client expectations of transparency and immediacy, you can position your business as a leader in the industry, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

5. Data Security

Cybercrime is a very real threat to the conveyancing industry, with new scams being uncovered all the time, like these recent ones in WA. Given the massive amounts of personal data received from clients over the course of a transaction, protecting this sensitive information is paramount. By upgrading your tech stack with advanced software, you can be confident that you’re operating with the latest, robust security features to minimise the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. 

Aside from the legal obligation to keep client data secure, implementing stringent security measures also enhances your client’s trust and confidence in your business, fostering long-term relationships and loyalty. Traditional communication methods such as email are no longer secure, and it is important that business owners follow best practices to reduce the risk of falling victim to a property scam to them and their clients.

6. Staff Retention and Wellbeing

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits to clients and the benefits to your business, but investing in technology has also been shown to have a positive impact on your team’s retention and well-being. By providing your staff with the tools and support they need to succeed, you create a supportive and empowering work environment. 

Modern tech facilitates collaboration, even when working remotely or across different branch locations. Easy, open communication, improved efficiency, and reduced manual tasks allow your team to focus on client interactions and higher-value aspects of their job, leading to increased job satisfaction, reduced stress and improved overall well-being.

So, what are you waiting for?

Upgrading your tech stack is essential for modern conveyancing businesses to stay competitive, meet changing client expectations, and support your team’s success. Conveyancers are blessed to have a myriad of tools and solutions available to them to tailor to their unique business needs. However you decide to do it, embracing modern technology will allow you to streamline operations, enhance your client experiences, and ultimately future-proof your business for continued growth and success.

If you’re looking to streamline your conveyancing workflows and leverage industry-leading integrations, to save you time and money, reach out to us today to book a demo of the Realtime Conveyancer platform. 


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