Discover what you could achieve now with Realtime Conveyancer’s exciting new transaction management system (TMS). Speed. Accuracy. Clarity. Flexibility. Freedom. It’s all a few clicks away.

Benefits of Realtime Conveyancer Transaction Management Software (TMS)

Conveyancing practitioners achieve more in real time:

  • Receive offer and acceptance contracts.
  • Create and track best practice workflow.
  • Customise document templates.
  • Update all parties instantly.
  • Access compliant trust accounting package.
  • Analyse data and gain valuable insights.

Benefits of Realtime Pathway to Settlement (PTS) App

Handy app for seller and buyers, and associated parties like real estate agents, finance/mortgage brokers, and property developers:

  • Get notified in real time.
  • Track key milestones.
  • Submit bank account details securely.
  • Sign documents electronically.
  • Store documents securely.
  • Leverage concierge services.

Business-first features

Our software is purpose-built to enhance your business productivity and performance with less churn, more speed, and more depth of insight.

  • Custom dashboard with comprehensive oversight
  • Personalisable interface for conveyancers and business owners
  • Versatile reporting for better decision-making
  • Compliant trust account management system

Embedded best practice

Standards of excellence built into our software are based on the first-hand experience of conveyancing practitioners.

  • Built for practitioners (conveyancers and lawyers) by practitioners
  • Signature Pathway to Settlement tracker tool
  • One convergent ecosystem for communication among all parties
  • Secure cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device
  • Seamless integration with real estate and e-lodgement systems to achieve unprecedented process efficiency
  • Meets Australian state-specific market requirements and workflows

Streamlined and automated workflow

The number of touchpoints have been drastically reduced (especially repetitive low-value tasks) so that you can get more done quickly and accurately with less effort.

  • Task links and automation based on industry best practice
  • Customisable templates for communication and correspondence
  • Real-time milestone tracking, notifications and progress updates
  • An integrated word processor and email client
in progress

Secure confidential transactions

We have built robust security measures into our software to ensure that all sensitive and confidential information are handled with professional care.

  • Efficient identity verification
  • Secure sharing of financial information
  • Multifactor authentication for additional security

Support and training

We provide multiple ways to support users in getting the most out of our software. We help you shorten your learning curve so that you can start applying a faster and better process to property settlement, sooner than later.

  • Comprehensive onboarding for conveyancers and lawyers
  • Ongoing training available
  • Technical support via phone and email

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