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Welcome to Sunil Sanganbatte!

We are delighted to share that we’re strengthening the technical credentials of the Realtime platform, hiring a new Chief Technology Officer to support our growth and expansion. 

Sunil Sanganbatte was previously the CTO at fintech startup Stealth, and prior to that had an extensive career delivering technology solutions to the electronics, mining and telco industries, working at Codan, Minetec and Motorola Mobility. 

We’re truly delighted to have a CTO of Sunil’s calibre and experience on the team.  

Sunil has a wealth of experience launching, scaling and delivering strong and robust technology across a range of complementary industries. The common thread is that just like Realtime Conveyancer, they have all been creating new digital systems and processes in industries that were previously very manual, so we thought he was a great fit.

Sunil joining us is next step is a natural progression in our growth as we work to scale the platform for future growth.

Sunil says he is excited to be part of the next stage of Realtime Conveyancer’s journey.

“Kylie’s vision for the conveyancing industry is inspirational, and I am  impressed by how far they have developed the platform and how important it is that we deliver a forward thinking and robust technology solution to the conveyancing industry,” Sunil says. 

“I’m honoured to be bringing my skills to help strengthen and scale the platform so that Realtime can quickly grow and expand into new states and markets.” 


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