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Client Spotlight on… Talitha King, Conveyancing Southwest

Located in the picturesque southwest city of Busselton in WA, Conveyancing Southwest is a longstanding local business with a fantastic reputation for exceptional property settlement services. Established in 2002 and taken over by current Director & Licensee Talitha King in 2017, Conveyancing Southwest has established itself as a leader in the WA conveyancing industry.

Realtime Conveyancer has been honoured to have been supporting the Conveyancing Southwest team with our breakthrough technology since early 2022. Recently, we spoke to Talitha to get an insight into what sets Conveyancing Southwest apart and how they’re delivering exceptional experiences for their buyers and sellers. 

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sets you apart in the conveyancing industry?  

I think our adoption and use of technology to better serve our clients sets us apart.  We have always been early adopters of new tech, and we love finding ways to make our clients’ experience more efficient and convenient without compromising (and even improving) on security, trust and the personal touch.

How does your business prioritise customer satisfaction and provide an exceptional experience for homebuyers and sellers?  

We know that no two buyers or sellers are the same; everyone has their own story, and the settlement process is a big deal for them.  If it’s a big deal for them, then it’s a big deal for us.  We want to be on the journey with them, and our commitment to understanding the significance of the change in their life is what allows us to best serve their needs.

Can you share a success story or a memorable experience where your services made a significant impact on a client’s home-buying or selling journey?  

We had a settlement where the orders and requisitions received from the local council showed a formal compliance order over the property but didn’t give any further information.  It would have been easy to miss amongst the information provided, but we made some enquiries with the shire and discovered that the property had been modified and was unapproved.  

Usually, this can be easily resolved by gaining retrospective building approval; however, in this case, it was unable to be approved because the property was in a special character area, and the council did not have the discretion to vary the regulations laid out in the scheme and therefore were unable to provide an approval.

The buyer was still keen to go ahead but was able to enter into negotiations with the seller to ensure that they were compensated for the future risk that they were taking in.  Our expertise in picking up on something that looked a little out of the ordinary meant our buyer could proceed with their purchase with their eyes wide open.

And for a little more insight into Talitha & her team, here is a snippet from the 2023 AICWA State Conference, where Talitha took some time to tell us about her business.

We’re thrilled to be able to support innovative, forward-thinking conveyancers like Talitha and the team at Conveyancing Southwest. Their client-first focus and their commitment to embedding themselves into their client’s personal journeys is something to be truly admired. To learn more about Talitha and Conveyancing Southwest’s ethos, visit their website.


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