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Realtime wins 15% plus market share in SA

In just a few short months, Realtime Conveyancer has been the technology platform used to transact more than 15% of settlements across South Australia after being adopted by some of the industry’s most forward-thinking conveyancers. 

South Australian conveyancers have embraced the benefits of the new cloud-based technology offered by Realtime including faster settlement times, the ability for team members to collaboratively work on files and game-changing trust account reconciliation.

“The adoption of Realtime Conveyancer in South Australia shows just how tired SA conveyancers are of legacy systems that lock them into paper-based and inefficient work practices that make their lives harder than they need to be,” said Kylie Dillon, the founder of Realtime Conveyancer. 

“To see 15% of transactions in SA being settled through Realtime in just a few short months shows conveyancers are ready to embrace technology that will genuinely improve their businesses, enable them to increase Matters handled while delivering more manageable workloads for their teams.”

Realtime Conveyancer’s innovative platform allows conveyancers to work from anywhere, automates repetitive tasks, supports important third-party integrations and has inbuilt workflows that make it easy for conveyancers to see at a glance the status of a Matter and next steps. 

In addition, conveyancing offices can save thousands of dollars every year in costs associated with printers, server maintenance and internal and external document storage. Realtime’s Pathway to Settlement App allows conveyancers to effortlessly share status updates with clients and request payment information in a secure environment that delivers best-in-class cyber security. 

The South Australian team is led by Jess Kolb and Renee Thomas. To book a live demo of Realtime Conveyancer, go to: 

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About Realtime

Meet Jess Kolb, Market Development Executive

Our dedicated Market Development Executive for Adelaide and South Australia, Jess Kolb, is no stranger to digital transformation and is a fierce advocate for the industry’s progress. With a diverse background spanning legal and conveyancing firms and pivotal roles at Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) and Land Services SA, Jess is perfectly positioned to guide our clients through their journey using Realtime Conveyancer.

Joining Realtime back in 2022 was a natural step for Jess. Anyone who speaks to her can immediately understand her deep passion and belief in Realtime’s potential to change the lives of conveyancing business owners. “I have seen firsthand the incredible benefits our platform delivers, and I genuinely want our clients to experience this because I know that the positive impact will be felt not only in their business but in their personal life too,” Jess shares. 

A typical day for Jess sees her out on the road connecting with conveyancers, demonstrating how Realtime can streamline their operations, enhance their security, and give them the tools to deliver a superior customer experience. Something that initially drew Jess to Realtime was the collective empowering spirit she saw fostered within the team. “I see every interaction as an opportunity for growth. I am here not just to sell a product but to work with the whole Realtime team and with industry to foster a community of forward-thinkers,” Jess remarks.

She acknowledges that change can feel scary. Empathy is one of her best qualities, and her firsthand experience of the industry’s transition from traditional to electronic conveyancing has equipped her with invaluable insights into managing change and overcoming the challenges that often accompany new technology. She vividly recalls the industry’s transformation, noting, “Once resistant to change, most conveyancers I speak to now can barely even remember the pre-eConveyancing era.” 

As Realtime Conveyancer continues to evolve and innovate, Jess remains a vital part of our success and our client’s success in implementing our technology across the South Australian conveyancing industry. Her energy, expertise, and genuine commitment to her client’s success make her an indispensable part of our team and a significant contributor to the broader property industry.

Are you a South Australian conveyancer ready to transform your conveyancing practice with the latest technology? Jess would love to show you the difference Realtime Conveyancer can make to your workflow and client interactions. Book a personalised demo with her today!

About Realtime

Meet Alannah Dillon, Market Development Executive

In the fast-paced world of conveyancing, access to effective tools and dedicated support can significantly enhance productivity and ease the daily pressures conveyancers face. Alannah Dillon is one of our Market Development Executives based in WA. Since joining us in 2022, Alannah’s days are filled with platform demos, onboarding and training new clients, and generally supporting our users to leverage the Realtime platform to its fullest potential.

Before joining our team, Alannah worked as a conveyancing assistant within a prominent conveyancing firm in Perth’s north-east. This role equipped her with a practical understanding of the conveyancing process, positioning her perfectly to appreciate the nuanced needs of our clients. Her transition to Realtime was driven by a desire to apply this hands-on knowledge to help conveyancers benefit from our world-first technology.

In her current role, Alannah is often the first touchpoint for new and existing users. It’s safe to say that Alannah’s bright and sunny disposition is a welcome site in our user’s offices. “Realtime Conveyancer is a transaction management software used by conveyancers.. to do their start-to-end transactions. It’s cloud-based, which means you can work from any device, anywhere, at any time,” Alannah explains. She takes pride in the flexibility and efficiency Realtime offers, as she knows how valuable this is for conveyancing business owners who are predominantly small business owners balancing the juggles of personal and business responsibilities.  

She has countless stories of clients who’ve managed their conveyancing tasks from remote locations or amidst a busy schedule without skipping a beat. One of her most memorable ones from early in her journey. Alannah recalls, “We had a client who was in Bali and she called us when she got home and said that Realtime was the best decision that she had made. She was sitting by the pool when a settlement came forward earlier than expected, and she was able to do everything she needed to do from Bali using Realtime.”

Alannah’s favourite aspect of her job is interacting with a diverse range of industry professionals – from conveyancers and business owners to support staff and industry partners. This engagement fuels her passion for the industry and reinforces Realtime’s commitment to community and client support.

As Realtime Conveyancer continues to evolve, our customer-facing team members like Alannah are indispensable in our vision to empower conveyancers. These passionate, genuine people are there to support conveyancers like you in continuing to deliver exceptional customer experiences to your buyers and sellers. If you’re ready to work more efficiently with industry-leading security and automation, Alannah and the Realtime team are ready to guide you every step of the way. Book a personalised demo today.

About Realtime

What are the issues impacting conveyancers? Realtime is finding out!

A new survey to understand the issues impacting conveyancers and how they feel about the future has been launched by Realtime Conveyancer. 

The State of Conveyancing survey asks conveyancers key questions about their roles and workloads, how they are changing and how well equipped they feel to deal with future challenges including ever increasing client expectations and technology. 

Insights collected in the survey will be used to create a national report that identifies industry benchmarks and is shared with all conveyancers. 

The founder and CEO of Realtime Conveyancer, Kylie Dillon, said the survey would capture valuable data to support better decision making by the conveyancing industry. 

“Taking stock of our current position in relation to the challenges and opportunities we face as an industry is vitally important,” said Kylie. 

“While there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from conveyancers about how challenging they are finding the industry at the moment, there is very little data because it has never been captured. 

“But taking steps today to quantify key industry benchmarks – just as they do in real estate and other industries – allows us to understand our current position, help us plan for the future and be clearer on the work that is required to make life better for both conveyancers and their clients.”

Questions in the survey seek to understand the hours that conveyancers typically work, the level of work intensification created by customer demands and employment issues such as finding new staff. It also seeks to understand the quality of the tools that conveyancers are using to do their jobs, the average time spent on Matters, stress levels and why conveyancers love their jobs. 

Kylie said that at a time when the grass roots industry of conveyancing was dominated by global players, she was proud that as a local proptech, Realtime Conveyancer, was taking the initiative and giving back to the industry. 

“I’m absolutely passionate about conveyancing but if we don’t measure, we can’t manage our businesses and our industry better, so participating in the survey is vitally important,” Kylie said. 

“As a locally grown technology provider to the conveyancing industry, we understand local challenges better than anyone and we are working with the industry to constantly improve the technology available and align it to conveyancer needs.

“Capturing this data will help us understand the depth of pain points, prioritise solutions and understand how we can support a vibrant and successful industry.”

Every conveyancer who completes the survey in full will be eligible to win a $500 RetreatMe hamper package. 

Completing the survey takes roughly 8 minutes. To participate, click button below.

About Realtime

Meet Nicole King, Customer Success

Conveyancers spend their days juggling competing priorities and deadlines, so having the right tools and support can make all the difference. Nicole King is one of our passionate team members who understands firsthand the challenges faced by conveyancers. Nicole is a licensed conveyancer with a wealth of experience, and she’s here to champion your success.

Before she joined the Realtime Conveyancer, Nicole served as the Licensee of a large WA conveyancing firm in Perth’s north-east. Under her leadership, the agency was not only an early adopter of eConveyancing, embracing digital transformation, but also consistently ranked among the top transactors in Western Australia. 

In her role as a Customer Success expert, Nicole is focused on empowering conveyancers, and she’s committed to ensuring that your experience with Realtime Conveyancer is nothing short of exceptional. In her own words, Nicole shares, “We just want to empower the conveyancers, give them time back in their day and get Realtime to be a really great experience for them.” 

Realtime Conveyancer is designed to streamline your day-to-day tasks and processes, ultimately enabling you to work more efficiently. “It is a really stressful, hard job that conveyancers do,” Nicole acknowledges. “So we want to be able to give them a bit of flexibility, a bit of time back in their day, some time to actually advise their clients and deal with their clients, by using technology as a tool to give them that time back.”

Embracing technology can seem overwhelming, especially given that the conveyancing industry has been subjected to a plethora of changes in recent years. Nicole reassures, “It [change] doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It can actually help you bring efficiencies into your office, and technology, I guess, is the tool to help you bring your business forward.”

With Realtime Conveyancer’s cloud-based technology, conveyancers regain control over their time. Nicole highlights, “With Realtime, the technology gives them those efficiencies back into their day because it is cloud-based. You can use it anywhere, anytime, any device. That’s what people need.”

Nicole’s personal experience as a licensed conveyancer allows her to uniquely connect with the challenges of the modern conveyancer. Her true reward though is seeing the impact of Realtime Conveyancer’s technology on your experience. “I love seeing the excitement on the customer’s face when they learn something new,” she shares. “I guess it’s making a really hard job a little bit more fun and exciting. That’s really good and a really lovely feeling to have.”

At Realtime Conveyancer, we don’t just provide you with a piece of software. We’re here to work with you and support you every step of the way. If you’re ready to embrace technology and transform your conveyancing experience, we invite you to connect with one of our friendly team and discover how Realtime Conveyancer can empower you.


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