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What are the issues impacting conveyancers? Realtime is finding out!

A new survey to understand the issues impacting conveyancers and how they feel about the future has been launched by Realtime Conveyancer. 

The State of Conveyancing survey asks conveyancers key questions about their roles and workloads, how they are changing and how well equipped they feel to deal with future challenges including ever increasing client expectations and technology. 

Insights collected in the survey will be used to create a national report that identifies industry benchmarks and is shared with all conveyancers. 

The founder and CEO of Realtime Conveyancer, Kylie Dillon, said the survey would capture valuable data to support better decision making by the conveyancing industry. 

“Taking stock of our current position in relation to the challenges and opportunities we face as an industry is vitally important,” said Kylie. 

“While there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from conveyancers about how challenging they are finding the industry at the moment, there is very little data because it has never been captured. 

“But taking steps today to quantify key industry benchmarks – just as they do in real estate and other industries – allows us to understand our current position, help us plan for the future and be clearer on the work that is required to make life better for both conveyancers and their clients.”

Questions in the survey seek to understand the hours that conveyancers typically work, the level of work intensification created by customer demands and employment issues such as finding new staff. It also seeks to understand the quality of the tools that conveyancers are using to do their jobs, the average time spent on Matters, stress levels and why conveyancers love their jobs. 

Kylie said that at a time when the grass roots industry of conveyancing was dominated by global players, she was proud that as a local proptech, Realtime Conveyancer, was taking the initiative and giving back to the industry. 

“I’m absolutely passionate about conveyancing but if we don’t measure, we can’t manage our businesses and our industry better, so participating in the survey is vitally important,” Kylie said. 

“As a locally grown technology provider to the conveyancing industry, we understand local challenges better than anyone and we are working with the industry to constantly improve the technology available and align it to conveyancer needs.

“Capturing this data will help us understand the depth of pain points, prioritise solutions and understand how we can support a vibrant and successful industry.”

Every conveyancer who completes the survey in full will be eligible to win a $500 RetreatMe hamper package. 

Completing the survey takes roughly 8 minutes. To participate, click button below.


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