Kylie Dillon of Realtime Conveyancer on turning an ambitious vision into a reality

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Kylie Dillon, Co-Founder & CEO, Realtime Conveyancer Australia

I’m often asked about the vision behind Realtime Conveyancer and what we set out to achieve.

Simply put, Realtime Conveyancer automates the process of buying, selling and settling properties every step of the way, from “contract to keys”.

Transparency is increased and the process of transferring ownership changes from a disjointed, multi-layered and complex set of transactions to a single workflow that prioritises simplicity and human connection.

From the early days of bootstrapping the business, through the exciting stage of capital raising, and down to our launch in WA, it’s been an amazing journey with its fair share of twists and turns.

Through it all we’ve been firmly focused on a single truth: that the market was crying out for a solution to the pain points plaguing the conveyancing process in Australia. One that puts people first.

The inspiration for Realtime Conveyancer

Conveyancing has always been a calling for me and from the time I first stepped into my first office nearly 20 years ago, I knew it was something I’d be doing for the rest of my working life.

“Playing a small (but crucial) role in helping buyers realise their dream of owning a home is my inspiration and my passion.”

Our primary aim is to bring buyers into the mix and allow them to see what’s going on. It’s about allowing them to develop a sense of trust in the person looking after them, knowing that person has their back and can settle the property on time.

And it’s not just the buyers that benefit. What sets Realtime Conveyancer apart is having a single, powerful platform at everyone’s disposal. The rewards are there for all – real estate agents, brokers, conveyancers, buyers and sellers.

The problem with traditional conveyancing

Conveyancing has traditionally been a paper process. And with paper transactions come risks and inefficiencies.

There are so many moving parts and things can easily fall through the cracks. Disgruntled, disengaged parties are par for the course. Chasing down crucial documentation is a constant bugbear. And the whole process can often take far longer than it needs to.

As it turns out, those timeworn excuses trotted out in the schoolroom by sloppy students also apply in the conveyancing world. Conveyancers have heard it all, from “snails have eaten my contract” to “I’m sorry, it’s been left out in the rain”!

When things go pear-shaped, as they often do in complex transactions, the fallout can be far-reaching.

According to research, around a third of buyers across all states report that the settlement process is either stressful or extremely stressful.

“It’s perhaps no surprise then that buying a house is up there with divorce and bereavement as one of the most challenging life events people will ever experience.”

The digital journey and the role of proptech

When I started out in business there was a lot of talk about electronic conveyancing but not a lot of action.

It was really just a twinkle in the eye of the industry, and many thought we’d all be retired before it came to fruition. Even so, we knew the systems we were using weren’t going to stand the test of time.

PEXA, an organisation I’m proud to have been part of (in a contract role for over two years), was pivotal in kick-starting change in the digital lodgements space. It’s where I started working with Realtime Conveyancer’s co-founder, the late Mike Price, whose vision and values have been instrumental to our success, and whose legacy lives on in the platform.

Fast forward to 2023, and with the benefit of game-changing proptech advances, we’ve now got all the tools at our disposal to scale and make digitally-led conveyancing a real-world reality.

The conveyancer of the future

With Covid impacting the industry and legislation and compliance growing ever more complicated, the conveyancer’s job has increasingly become one of task-driven tyranny.

“Harnessing a technology platform like Realtime Conveyancer is incredibly liberating, and opens conveyancers and property practitioners up to a new way of working.”

By eliminating low-value, repetitive activities, Realtime Conveyancer simultaneously lays the foundation for healthier and more profitable business partnerships to flourish.

Join us in the brave new world of conveyancing

We’re constantly trying to “out-innovate” ourselves by looking for better ways to do things. And the question we continually ask is: “Is this going to provide an amazing experience for the consumer?” If it doesn’t, we don’t do it.

Join us on the journey to a brighter (conveyancing) future by requesting a demo, and learn how you can:

  • Streamline workflow so that the average time of settlement is reduced.
  • Make the conveyancing process more transparent and ensure all parties have the information they need at every point in the transaction.
  • Free up time in your conveyancing practice so you can move from paper-pusher to trusted advisor.
  • And, finally, make property purchases and settlements less stressful and more fulfilling for agents, brokers, buyers and sellers alike.

Kylie Dillon is Co-Founder and CEO of Realtime Conveyancer Australia.  She is also a member of the Board of the Proptech Association Australia where she serves as the WA Chapter Lead. 


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