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Client Spotlight on… Laura Halliday, Halliday Property

In this edition of our Client Spotlight series, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Laura Halliday, Director and Founder of Halliday Property. Understanding that selling or buying a property can be an emotional and stressful time, Laura is passionate about going the extra mile for her clients. As an avid user of our Pathway to Settlement app to give her clients complete visibility over their settlement process, Laura is leading the way, providing modern, digital conveyancing services to her clients. We chatted to Laura recently about business ownership, client relations and technology…

What inspired you to start your own conveyancing business?

Ever since I started in the industry back in 2006, it was always a dream of mine to start my own conveyancing firm. We’re very lucky in our industry to have flexibility with our jobs because of PEXA. When I fell pregnant with my first daughter Ava in 2018, I felt like the timing was perfect to go out on my own because I could be a mum and have my dream job at the same time – what could be more amazing than that?

How do you maintain strong relationships with your clients and foster trust and transparency throughout the conveyancing process?

Communication! Something so simple can have such a big impact on your business and your relationships with not only your clients but real estate agents, mortgage brokers and any person who is involved in the settlement.

What role does technology play in your business, and how does it enhance your service offerings?

Technology is a great tool to have in your toolbox. There are many ways you can utilise technology, from something as simple as an SMS service to an app. For my business, I am very much pro-technology as a quick and easy way for everyone to keep the client and real estate agent updated on the progress of settlement. To do this, I utilise the amazing Pathway to Settlement app that is integrated with Realtime Conveyancer.

We’re privileged to support Laura on her journey, as she empowers her buyers and sellers with industry-leading technology, delivering on their desires for safe, transparent and simple property settlements.

To find out more about Laura and Halliday Property, visit their website.


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