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Client Spotlight on… Jackie & Marcus Liley, Personalised Settlements

In our first edition for 2024 of our Client Spotlight series, we’d like to introduce you to Jackie and Marcus Liley, the couple behind Personalised Settlements. Jackie and Marcus have been servicing the inner northern suburbs of Perth since Jackie founded the business in 1995. Since then, Marcus has joined her, and together, they have settled thousands of properties for WA home buyers and sellers. Personalised Settlements prides itself on being fiercely independent, with no financial affiliations with real estate agents, banks or finance brokers.

Since coming on board Realtime Conveyancer in 2023, they’ve been reaping the benefits of our innovative, cloud-based solution, implementing digital signing and paperless processes into their BAU. We chatted to Jackie and Marcus recently about business ownership, technology and efficiency in their business…

What inspired you to start your own conveyancing business?

Prior to establishing Personalised Settlements, I (Jackie) was working for one of the larger agencies in Perth. It was owned by a number of real estate agencies, who exerted too much control/influence over the settlement process. I opened my business so I could provide a more personalised service & focus exclusively on the client’s needs (not the agent’s).

What role does technology play in your business, and how does it enhance your service offerings?

Technology has a huge impact on the service we provide to our clients. Years ago, we posted all correspondence/documents to clients & urgent contact was by phone. Realtime’s integration with MS Outlook makes daily communication with all involved parties so much quicker & easier, and clients can respond at their leisure. Realtime also makes it easier for clients to sign documents via DocuSign.

In addition to making life easier for clients, the increased efficiency gives us more time to complete manual tasks. Realtime’s Task List is also a valuable workflow & quality control tool – only the other day, I thought to myself, “I can’t remember the last time we missed something in someone’s settlement.”

Can you share any unique strategies or approaches you’ve implemented to streamline processes and improve efficiency in your business?

We live by the KISS principle. The settlement process is overwhelming for many clients – contract/loan/mortgage documents, forms required by government departments, Duty & Tax implications – the list goes on. We try to simplify the process as much as possible. There is no point in giving clients a 25-page booklet regarding the settlement process – we just provide what they need when they need it.

How has the Realtime Conveyancer platform benefited you and your business?

Realtime gave us the flexibility to attend a wedding in Margaret River last Friday. As long as we can get access to WIFI or can hotspot to a phone, we can log in and settle from any location!

It is an honour to have Jackie and Marcus as part of the Realtime Conveyancer family, especially because we know that they conducted significant due diligence before deciding to make the switch to our software. Their open, collaborative and supportive natures resonate deeply with the core values of Realtime Conveyancer. Their commitment to these principles is evident in the way they generously share their knowledge and insights with industry peers, contributing significantly to the advancement of our entire field.

To learn more about Jackie, Marcus and Personalised Settlements, visit their website.


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