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Client Spotlight on… Christine Bradbury, Federation Settlements

In our latest Client Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce Chris Bradbury and her independent settlement agency, Federation Settlements. Chris is the current president of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (WA Division), and we have been lucky enough to have counted Chris as one of our Realtime clients since all the way back to our early days in 2021. Chris has had quite a journey in the WA conveyancing industry over the years, and her knowledge, insights, and experience are unparalleled.

We sat down with Chris recently and asked her to share this journey with us and some of the things that make Federation Settlements special!

Can you tell us a bit about your business and what sets you apart in the conveyancing industry?

My business is structured whereby I take no more than 20 deals at a time.  By doing this, I can provide a very personal experience to my clients. 

While I use all technology available to me, I am constantly calling and talking to clients, advising them on what to do next and what to expect from me.  As I am the only person that they talk to during the process, this also gives them a sense of being that special client.

I make sure to add each client to my phone contacts so when they call me, I can answer with: “Hi, Mr Jones” or “Hi, John. How can I help you today?”  The shock in their voice that I know who they are is really evident.

I have been around the industry since the early 1980’s and have seen many changes, but the one constant is client service which I hold as my most valuable asset.

What role does technology play in your business, and how does it enhance your service offerings?

I hold technology high on the list of essential business tools, whether it be my phone system or my laptop, all the way to the platform I use to navigate my daily activities.

I was lucky enough to be accepted as one of the original firms that tested the Realtime platform and provide feedback to improve it. 

Realtime was a real game changer from the very first file and has only got better over time, and it still has more to come that I am very excited about.  The ability to do my job has become so easy with the use of Realtime Conveyancer and DocuSign as well as Scantek for ID all of this is amazing technology and provides me the time to contact my clients. 

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and regulations to ensure your clients receive the best possible service?

One of my passions in my work life is training others to work in our industry.  For me to do this, I need to ensure that I am abreast of all the current and future trends in the industry.  I can do this by being a member of the AICWA and also subscribing to the website to receive updated information as soon as it is published.  I am also a subscriber to the Landgate, Revenue WA and PEXA pages. Being one of the CPD facilitators is also a great way for me to share my experience in the industry and to give a little back to the industry that has served me for the last 40-odd years.

At Realtime Conveyancer, we are truly honoured to have Chris Bradbury and Federation Settlements as part of our valued client community. Chris’ trust in our platform since 2021 and her willingness to be part of the feedback process to help us build the amazing features synonymous with Realtime demonstrates her commitment to the betterment of the wider conveyancing community. We are thrilled to be supporting Chris and her business to deliver exceptional client experiences.

To learn more about Federation Settlements and Chris’ highly personalised services, visit their website.


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