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Realtime upgrades our Movinghub integration

Moving house is really hard work. Getting quotes for movers, turning utilities on and off, cleaning your old residence – it is stressful and after having gotten through settlement, your clients probably deserve a break!

As conveyancers, we’re in a unique position to help our clients have a much easier experience moving out of their existing residence and into their new home through the Realtime Conveyancer integration with Movinghub. 

Movinghub is an incredible company that takes care of all the things a client needs to move house. This includes connections, moving services, maintenance – the list is extensive.

The Realtime integration with Movinghub lets conveyanncers white label their app letting you wow your clients with a fabulously helpful service while also earning new revenue. 

“All technology should save you time and money, but our goal at Realtime is to help our clients expand and grow their conveyancing practices and bring in new revenue,” said Realtime CEO and founder, Kylie Dillon.

“We are really excited about our updated integration with MovingHhub. It’s made it easier for conveyancers and their teams to use, provides more useful information to Movinghub which supports a better client experience, and supports a valuable new income stream for conveyancers.

Every referral to Movinghub that results in a connection or service pays a referral fee. You can decide how you receive your referral fees – as a payment to your business, to individual team members, or even refund it back to your clients if you wish.  

Unlike most other connection services, Movinghub makes moving into a new home simple, convenient and carefree for your clients helping to arrange, not just the usual utility services, but also moving quotes, cleaning, maintenance, solar, insurance and even finance. They have more than 20,000 suppliers and provide preferential pricing. Best of all, their service is absolutely free to your clients, and you receive a referral fee with every successful connection. 

The new updates make it easy for conveyancers to help both buyers and sellers move into their new homes with less stress by including extra fields to identify the services clients will need. 

This includes identifying if your client is a property buyer or seller – which indicates if they will be turning utilities on or off, the addresses that the client is moving to and from and the moving date. 

Conveyancers can also include additional information to help Movinghub deliver a more personalised service, or include conversations you’ve had with the client that Movinghub should know about. 

You can access the Movinghub form through the Integrations page within any Matter.

If you haven’t set up your Movinghub account yet, email Once activated, navigate inside Realtime Conveyancer to your Organisation Settings and enter your Movinghub Partner Code. You’ll then be able to start sending invites to your clients and 

If you’re not comfortable referring your clients to a third party, you can whitelabel Movinghub with your own brand, so it looks like the connection service is part of your business at no cost. Movinghub have a sophisticated white label service that allows you to decide your customer experience, curate the services offered and add advanced features. Find out more about their whitelabel option here.


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