It is time for conveyancers to stop pretending about how they feel

Realtime Conveyancer had the honour of co-hosting Mitch Wallis, founder of Heart on My Sleeve, at the recent AICWA CPC Breakfast, where he presented his heartfelt keynote, ‘Pretending is Painful’ 

His presentation took the whole room on a journey from laughter to tears and back again in a way none of us expected. Of course, nothing can entirely summarise the incredible message Mitch delivered on the day, but we know there were a lot of people who couldn’t make it, so we’ve shared his key takeaways.

  1. Courage
    Drop the brave face and go toward the hard part. 
  2. Coherence
    Make sense of your life by understanding your ‘why’.
  3. Cognition
    Change the story you tell yourself. You are not your situation
  4. Connection
    Seek first to understand when someone wants to talk to you about their mental health. Don’t try to solve the problem. 
  5. Chemistry
    Treat your body well because it always keeps the score. 
  6. Calm
    Learn what to care about so you can find some inner peace. 
  7. Control
    Manufacture stability through a routine.
  8. Crappy TV
    Don’t be embarrassed to have something that you do – simply because it brings you joy. 
  9. Celestial
    Try tapping into something bigger than yourself
  10.  Calling
    Service is purpose. Help others to help yourself. 

To hear more from Mitch himself, check out his podcast 👉


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