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Realtime Conveyancer partners with eCAF to offer conveyancers improved efficiency and security

Realtime Conveyancer has announced a new integration with leading digital solution eCAF to further enhance the overall digital property transaction experience for Realtime clients. 

The seamless integration of eCAF will provide Australia’s only solution for combining contactless digital Client Authorisation Forms (CAFs) with simultaneous, real-time Verification of Identity (VOI) and Verification of Signer (VOS). Ian Hendey, CEO of said that whilst digital signing is widespread across the legal and property sectors, eCAF is taking it one step further and providing practitioners with absolute certainty that the person signing the CAF is who they say they are.

“We’ve gone to great lengths with our investment in our technology and the people behind it to deliver a solution that biometrically binds the person behind the keyboard to their government issued ID, at the point of digitally signing the CAF.

The two processes are usually done at different points in time, not simultaneously, which does leave the process susceptible to issues around identify fraud.”

Ian Hendey, CEO of
  • Combines digital verification of Identity and digital signature into a single point-in-time process;
  • Digitally extracts the most trusted government-issued ID photo of your customer;
  • Biometrically matches that trusted image to the person behind the device; and then
  • Provides you with the signed document and certificate of completion. 

eCAF is excited to provide this technology to Realtime Conveyancer’s clients, to further enhance their experience on the Realtime platform, which is already delivering WA practitioners with a new innovative way to transact online. Realtime Conveyancer co-founder and CEO Kylie Dillon said that the eCAF integration supported Realtime’s vision to make buying and selling more efficient by streamlining the end-to-end conveyancing transaction process.

“We are delighted to welcome eCAF to the Realtime digital ecosystem, as it delivers our clients with a faster and more streamlined way to meet their obligations around both signing of the eCAF and VOI at the same time, which will also reduce their exposure to associated risks.

RealTime is committed to delivering WA legal and conveyancing practitioners with an innovative solution that pushes the status quo in market. Our partnership with eCAF helps us to continue to strengthen the complete value we bring our clients, which ultimately delivers a superior online property settlement experience for all parties.”

Kylie Dillon, co-founder & CEO of Realtime Conveyancer


Realtime Conveyancer offers transaction management software for conveyancers and solicitors, built by practitioners for practitioners. Their cloud-based workflow system makes the conveyancing process seamless while automating repetitive tasks. Embedding eCAF into their platform gives them a secure means of sending documents and obtaining digital signatures with efficient identity verification.

About eCAF: eCAF is a brand of, a firm of specialists delivering online user-friendly legal solutions. eCAF is the only platform in Australia to offer compliant digital signing of CAFs with real-time verification of identity. Know with certainty that the person signing your documents is who they say they are while saving time and reducing errors with eCAF’s secure system.

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About Realtime Conveyancer: Realtime Conveyancer Australia is a property technology startup launched in 2020 to provide an end-to-end transaction management system that streamlines the conveyancing process from contract to keys, through digital innovation. Founders Kylie Dillon and Mike Price, both formerly of PEXA, are industry leaders in conveyancing and technology development respectively.

For more information on Realtime Conveyancer please visit


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