Why Us

Choose us simply because it makes your professional life easier while improving your business performance.

Breakthrough end-to-end solution

Realtime Conveyancer demonstrates a deep understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by conveyancers and associated parties. To eliminate and reduce many of these challenges, we have exercised our expertise and tenacity to create an end-to-end solution from contract to keys.

Benefits all property settlement parties

Using Realtime Conveyancer TMS:

  • Helps conveyancers reduce business risk, complete settlements more quickly and accurately, work a lot more productively, save money, and provide better customer service.
  • Keeps buyers and sellers informed at every step of the settlement process, while simultaneously enabling more secure transactions, making the entire experience smoother, easier, and safer.
  • Helps real estate agents and finance brokers easily keep track of the progress of multiple settlements in real time.

Led by industry-recognised business owners

The Realtime Conveyancer team has the passion, skills, experience, and determination to lead, empower, and connect all parties seamlessly for a breakthrough real estate-conveyancing experience.

We aim to contribute something significant to the whole industry and welcome you to benefit greatly from our endeavours.


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