About us

Realtime Conveyancer Australia (‘Realtime’ the business) is proud to introduce our product Realtime Conveyancer transaction management software (TMS).

Streamlining conveyancing from contract to keys

Realtime Conveyancer Australia is a property technology (proptech) startup launched in 2020 to provide an end-to-end transaction management system that streamlines the conveyancing process from contract to keys, through digital innovation.

Turning an ambitious vision into reality

We are excited to provide a conveyancing solution that originates in Western Australia, and provides a unique breakthrough that brings something new to the whole of Australia in many ways. Our vision is to lead, empower, and connect all parties seamlessly for a breakthrough real-estate conveyancing experience.

Founded by proven leaders with great track records

The two founding directors driving Realtime Conveyancer have excelled in their respective industries for more than 30 years each. They have spearheaded entrepreneurial pursuits, run successful businesses, served as leaders in industry associations, contributed to industry-wide technology advancements, and built a market reputation for innovation.

Conveyancing just got sexy”
Realtime Conveyancer

Company values that drive how we work

The way we conduct our business day to day embodies a set of values we encapsulate in the acronym ‘Realtime’.


We eliminate repetitive, fallible, manual processes that allow conveyancing practitioners to adapt fast and not get left behind.


Using our technology amplifies conveyancing practitioners’ professionalism, confidence and skill.


We are driven by courage and a moral duty to do our best for our industry, customers, employees, and ourselves.


This venture extends the reputation our founders have already earned for being innovative trailblazers in our fields.


We do what we promise, put customer needs first, and collaborate well with stakeholders along the way.


We have always exercised a people-centric way of doing business that’s honest and transparent.


We take pride in combining our passion, skills, creativity and determination to revolutionise conveyancing.


We walk our talk when it comes to creating and maintaining high standards of quality in all we do.

Our innovation has been recognised in the following awards:


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